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Angus’s Tanzania Odyssey; Day 2 – Selous

Angus’s Tanzania Odyssey; Day 2 – Selous

The sun rising above the beautiful Lake Manze and a chirpy Cape Turtle Dove awoke me from my pleasant slumber. As I lifted my weary head, I was struck instantly wide awake as my morning vision slowly focused on a heard of elephant slowly plodding along the edge of the lake in search of a good breakfast. After marvelling each and every one I decided that I should follow in their footsteps and follow the wafting smells of a cooked breakfast that was ready and waiting provide me with the energy for the day ahead.Anguss Tanzania Odyssey; Day 2   Selous

Another spectacular drive through the Selous took me to Impala Camp. Situated on the banks of the Rufiji River, it boasts lovely views over the river. Its natural inhabitants never cease to amaze the guests be they sitting on their private verandas or having lunch in the main restaurant. All of which are helpfully built up on wooden stilts for even more impressive viewing!

After they fed me like a king (the food was delicious) I was taken aboard one of their boats and whisked off down the river to the famous Selous Safari Camp. I was welcomed in with open arms by the jovial Emile who made me feel right at home. I was blown away by the luxurious service that they offered in such a wild and remote part of the Selous. Fantastic guides, lovely food and an incredible tent that catered for your every need! The boat (the first one I’ve ever seen with a carpeted floor!) was really well skippered, and yet another gin and tonic was consumed to the back drop of a sun set that never gets old.

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