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Arusha Coffee Lodge

Another of the exceptional Elewana properties, the Arusha Coffee Lodge is in the pick of the lodges that surround Arusha. It can feel a little like it is just a passing through point at times as most faces only remain for a night and are then gone, but staying for a couple of nights can be a very enjoyable experience and it is great for families. The main benefits for the lodge are that it has a great outside area with tables set out amongst the green grass. However, it is one of the most expensive options for Arusha and when usually just staying a night, there are other choices that keep the cost down.

Arusha Coffee Lodge- The Details

Arusha Coffee Lodge is a small and well established coffee plantation and lodge set to the west of Arusha, the second largest city in Tanzania.

Generally seen as the basing point for the northern safari itineraries, Arusha is usually only seen as an overnight stop and is often used as such. It does, however, have quite a lot more to offer and this is especially where a lodge such as the Arusha Coffee Lodge can come into its own. As the lodge has all of the facilities of a normal safari lodge, it is easy enough to spend a few nights here as part of an itinerary that explores the surrounding areas such as the nearby Arusha National Park or a village project such as Tengeru.

The lodge itself has long prided itself on both its food and the general ambience which is held as being amongst the best in Arusha. Each of the large and spacious 18 rooms is set amongst the coffee vines and has a private balcony and view. With ensuite bathrooms and fires in each, the rooms can be either warming in the cooler months or cooler in the heat of the summer.


Guide price: $237 per person
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