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Zanzibar is an archipelago of Indian Ocean islands, awash with history, atmosphere and idyllic beaches.  There is a wide range of  accommodation available, across the spectrum of price and style, and plenty to see, do and discover. The birthplace of Swahili, the site of Sultans' Palaces and renowned for its spice plantations, the little island republic of Zanzibar features larger-than-life on the world map.
Most visitors to Zanzibar come for the beaches, but it is worth spending at least a night, at the beginning or end of your stay, in the historic island capital of Stone Town.  This ancient centre dates back to its days at the heart of the Indian Ocean gold trade from the Arabian coast, and is now a thriving tourist centre, with markets threading through the ancient stone streets, and diving and sailing dhow boat trips on offer from the shore.

Zanzibar's coastline has some excellent beaches, with the best to be found on the north and east coasts.  For an ultimate beach hideaway, Zanzibar's many satellite private islands offer privacy and seclusion and some stunning beaches.

Zanzibar Holidays

A stay on the island of Zanzibar is a great way to unwind and relax after your safari and is a reason why Tanzania is the perfect honeymoon location where you can do a ‘safari and beach’ trip. White sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters, snorkelling, diving, delicious sea food; what’s not to like!

Zanzibar Hotels

There are a wide range of places to stay on Zanzibar ranging in style, budget, location and ultimately price. From the small beach shack style, lazy hammocks and often rather laid back  service to the larger resorts packed with spas, gyms and water sports  as well as the super exclusive (and expensive) private islands. Between the team here we have visited every beach lodge, resort and hotel on Zanzibar so we can work out what is best for you.
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