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Where to go in Africa to see the wildlife from BBC Dynasties?

Where to go to see the Chimpanzees as seen in Dynasties?

The Chimpanzees are filmed in Senegal, which is where you can find the mighty David who I think we can all agree, we fell utterly in love with. However, as a place to visit, Senegal’s tourism infrastructure isn’t quite as established as some other locations in Africa. If you would like to see the Chimpanzees, I would recommend instead The Mahale Mountains in Tanzania; no less off the beaten track — it is truly wild, but with the benefit of Tanzania’s more developed tourism foundation.

Where to stay to see the Dynasties Chimpanzees?

The best lodge in the Mahale Mountains is Greystoke Mahale. Owned by Nomad Tanzania, the lodge is safari mad and the guides are among some of the very best in the country. A safari in Greystoke with the Nomad guides has to be one of the most enriching wildlife experiences possible today.

Where to go in Africa to see the wildlife from BBC Dynasties?

Greystoke Mahale © Nomad Tanzania

Where to go to see the Lions as seen in Dynasties?

The Marsh Pride is one of the longest surviving prides in Africa. They can be found in Kenya’s Masai Mara and have been there for generations so this simply is where to go!

Where to stay to see the Dynasties Lions?

If you want to see the Marsh Pride, there is nowhere better to stay than Governors Camp, which is in the heart of their territory and also have been following them for years and years. A stay at Governors will give you unrivalled access to their history, the individual characters of each lion and all in all, an exceptional safari experience.

Where to go in Africa to see the wildlife from BBC Dynasties?

Governers Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya.

Where to go to see the Dynasties Painted Wolves?

Wild Dogs are notoriously hard to spot throughout the entire continent, making them the safari buff’s prize sighting. This is because they are rather flighty and they cover huge distances daily, so knowing where they are on any given day is somewhat of a challenge. There is nowhere better to see them than is Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, which is where the Dynasties crew ventured to film this episode.

Where to stay to see the Dynasties Painted Wolves?

Two really fantastic camps in this area are the new Chikwenya, and also the well established Ruckomechi. Generally, Ruckomechi is in a better wildlife area with really dense predators and big herds. Chikwenya is beautiful though, and is definitely for the seasoned safari enthusiast who is after some of the continent’s best walking safaris. Because the Wild Dogs cover so much ground, a stay in either would give you an equally good chance of catching them.

Ruckomechi Camp, @Wilderness Safaris

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