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Where to see Wild Dogs in Africa

Wild Dogs or “Painted Wolves” are the most elusive of the African carnivores. A few things make them particularly difficult to spot. Firstly, they are very endangered. In the whole continent, there are only 3,000 to 5,000 dogs remaining. This is due mostly to how susceptible they are to disease as they can easily contract rabies from domestic dogs, as well as canine distemper which is especially contagious for Painted Wolves as they are extraordinarily sociable animals. As they need a huge distance to roam, there has also been conflict with villages and towns surrounding safari parks which has also contributed to their critically endangered status.

African Painted Wolves

Another reason they are difficult to spot is simply because they are very fast and they cover huge distances daily. Wild dogs can eat up 50 km in one single day so keeping up with them is always tricky! Catching them hunting is always a wild goose (or dog!) chase – they begin, stalk and then suddenly run then go and go and go until their prey give up with exhaustion. Because they can essentially out run their prey, they are very successful hunters. So if you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time then be prepared for some explosive and harrowing scenes. 

Luckily, although Wild Dogs are notoriously difficult to spot, if you know where to go and when, it can become a bit easier. Of course, no sightings (and especially wild dog sightings!) are guaranteed but staying in the following places between May and August when they den and stick to localised areas gives you the best chance of seeing them on the continent.

  1. Linyanti, Botswana

Linyanti is a beautiful park. As well as being famous for its exceptional elephant population, Wild Dogs are a lot easier to spot here than many other parks in Africa. Things to combine with a trip to Linyanti to catch a glimpse of the elusive Wild Dogs are the famed Victoria Falls, or the watery and enchanting Okavango Delta. Linyanti is an exceptional park, and one which we always recommend on a trip to Botswana, and even more so if Wild Dogs are on the list!

Where to see Wild Dogs in Africa

2. Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Mana Pools in Zimbabwe is a haven for wild dogs. It also has a famous elephant population – ones which stand on their hind legs. It is a destination for safarei-goers who have been a few times, and want to get off the beaten track to a less travelled part of Zimbabwe for some of the continent’s best walking safaris.

Where to see Wild Dogs in Africa

3. Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

The Selous Game Reserve could not be a handier safari park to visit. It is only a short 20 minute flight from international airport Dar es Salaam, and also is only a further 10 minutes from the glorious Indian Ocean gem the Zanzibar Archipelago. It also just so happens, that the wildlife viewing her here also offers rare opportunities not easily found in other parts of the country. The size of Switzerland; it is no wonder this unassuming park in southern Tanzania is one of the last remaining strong holds for painted wolves.

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