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The Zanzibari hotel – Press release

The Zanzibari hotel – Press release

Going on safari in Tanzania is a very exciting and adventure packed experience, however, many safari goers often feel exhausted after such an exhilarating trip, that they follow it up by visiting the closely located island of Zanzibar to enjoy a relaxing follow up to their safari holiday, and here’s why…

The Zanzibari hotel   Press release

Stunning beaches

Zanzibar beaches are made up of pristine white sand, and stretch on for miles. They are accompanied by the crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean, which is the perfect temperature for taking an afternoon dip.

Beautiful weather

Zanzibar’s weather is nice all year round, and maintains an average temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. There is a rainy season in April-May where it rains no more than every other day, and a cooler temperature following this in June.

The Zanzibari hotel   Press release

Exciting Activities

As well as being perfect for relaxing, there is also lots to do in Zanzibar:

  • Shopping around the world heritage site of Stone Town can be a great deal of fun, and can often result in the finding of antique treasures and African styled souvenirs.
  • There are a whole host of water activities which you can get involved in whilst in Zanzibar, they vary in terms of relaxing and slow paced activities such as boat trips, snorkelling and diving, to thrill seeking water sports such as kite surfing, parasailing and wind surfing.
  • Trips to Jozani Forest to see the Red Colobus monkeys which are unique to Zanzibar can also be a great way to continue the wildlife theme following on from your safari.
  • Just outside of Stone Town there is a park area called Forodhani – where every evening there are food stalls setup which sell a variety of local foods, including Zanzibar pizza, samosa’s, chapattis, falafels and meat on sticks.

If you would like more information about Zanzibar, or selecting the perfect Zanzibar hotel for your needs, then look no further than The Zanzibari hotel based in Nungwi on the North-Eastern tip of the island. This quiet and relaxing boutique beach-side hotel features an infinity swimming pool, health spa facilities and fantastic views over the Indian ocean.

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