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One of the best aspects of our work is hearing what you say about it afterwards. Over the years we have enjoyed hugely rewarding feedback, and we have to admit that we are proud of it… look around these pages and you will see why.

We always like to ask is if there is anything that didn’t go as planned or expected, and whilst 99% of our clients return home ecstatic, we are constantly looking for little improvements to push our trips above and beyond the expectations of our clients. Over the past 20 years we have formed exceptional relationships with our suppliers on the ground in the best safari lodges and beach hotels across the continent, and the benefits of these relationships become apparent when you go on an Odyssey trip – the little extras add up and transform your trip past the norm, and into an experience of a lifetime… If you still aren’t convinced, then take a look in our archives dating back 15 years…

We have published our feedback back as far as 2003, categorised by year, (currently about 300 individual client reviews). If you click on the “tag Cloud” to the right you will be able to search by our most reviewed lodges, or alternately, please enter the hotel you are looking for into the search bar.  However, as ever nothing really beats first hand knowledge of these places; there are a lot of lodges out their each with their own idiosyncrasies, so we strongly recommend you give us a call to discuss

We have recently signed up with Trust Pilot – please see our reviews – currently with several hundred of them.  Trust pilot for those of you who do not know it is an independent review site

Leslie Family, USA. 2019

Just wanted to thank you both for what was a wonderful trip.    This safari was something my wife, in particular, had dreamed of since she was in grade school and it far far surpassed anything we could have ever hoped for.

The accommodations, staff, and guides at all three locations (Kuro, Crater Lodge, and Serengeti Safari Camp) were all outstanding and the service top notch.  Obviously, this was expected to some extent due to their higher costs than some of the other options, but every single person we came in contact with went above and beyond to ensure our stay was enjoyable and really made us feel like “family” which we certainly did not expect to that degree.    My wife was on the border of tears every time we said goodbye to the staff and guides and moved to the next location.    The Africa Odyssey team really did help us have a more wonderful and spectacular “anniversafari” than we could have ever dreamed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Odyssey or any of the three lodges/camps we stayed at.    Kuro, however, was our favorite, primarily  due to the rustic, yet more permanent nature of the camp, the smaller crowds in Tarangire and the experience of sleeping at night with a dozen or more Impala, Zebra, Waterbucks and giraffes grazing just outside the tent walls.    Truly an experience neither of us will never forget.

All of the transfers went smoothly and I certainly appreciate you coordinating that balloon safari for us on relatively short notice.

We went into this thinking that this trip would be our once in a lifetime safari, and now can’t wait to make a return trip to visit Kuro again, plus perhaps Selous or some of the smaller more remote Western parks.    When we do, we will most certainly contact you to help with the arrangements.

All of the pre-trip information and documentation was spot on and was more than enough to ensure we packed sufficiently and properly for the trip.    The only thing I might add (perhaps I simply missed it) is that blue and black clothing particularly attracts tse tse flies.    Wasn’t really an issue as I only had one pair of black trekking pants that I simply just didn’t wear while in Kuro, but probably wouldn’t have packed them had I read that in the packing do’s/dont’s list.

Ralph Family, UK. 2019

Hi Kitty,

I am sure Vanessa will be giving a glowing response from our journey.

The trip, logistics, camps, wildlife could not have been better. Mind blowing is the way I have described this trip as. I honestly don’t know if we can ever top that trip.

9 flights in 12 nights was a tough one – but would have done it any other way.

The service from all was better than you’d receive at the Ritz. The accommodation was better than 5* in London – I could not fault anything there. The guides and camp staff were delightful and warm – so friendly and made our daughter feel special!

(the fridge in the Land cruiser was a winner for Ava – she loved been able to tap into a cold “fanta” when she was melting from the heat!)

The prep you gave us was spot on – and ensured we had a seamless journey and experience.

The animals and just the setup of camp made the trip  –  so rustic, yet so luxurious……… at the same time.

Then the bday cakes and songs where a complete surprise for Vanessa at the crater and Serengeti  –  she spoke about that a lot!!!

Zanzibar was the epic end to the trip – where we all enjoy the downtime!!! Hot sun and warm waters…….what a treat.

A massive thanks to you for the guidance, advice and organization – as we agreed, any “bump” in the logistics could have made the trip more stressful, and soured the journey – but this was top class – and have given you details to a lot of my colleagues here in work. (I know there will be definitely TWO sets of couple seeking your assistance in the next few months to help plan!!!)

From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!!

Hi Kitty!

Oh my goodness! Where to begin? There really is no explaining how amazing the trip was!!!!

Absolutely everything went according to plan and worked seamlessly.

All our transfers were there waiting for us at the right place and time, were friendly and helpful and got us to where we needed to be on time and safely.

The stop over in Arusha was a good call as we needed the time to rest and catch our breath after the flights.

Rivertrees was fantastic and I’d definitely rate it a 5. They allowed us to check-in early. The room was very comfortable and clean. The grounds were lovely to walk around and we

saw loads of monkeys playing in the trees. The food was fantastic and had a lovely atmosphere around the fire in the evening. All the staff were friendly and helpful and could’nt do

enough for us, from the reception, to the restaurant and the guys carrying our bags and the ladies cleaning the rooms.

Enatamanu was equally amazing (if a tad windy!!!) and would definitely give it 5 stars. Paul our guide had some car trouble on the way there from the airport but it was quickly sorted

and at no point were we concerned. The staff welcomed us so warmly it felt like we were royalty! Richard the camp manager was particularly friendly and made us feel very at home.

Our tent was amazing – being a family one it was double the size and very luxurious. We did struggle with sleep though as it was super windy and the tent flapped about very noisily but I suppose

thats the price you pay for being on the rim so it did’nt bother us much. The permanent structures they are building there would definitely make a stay 100% perfect. The food again

was fantastic and they even managed to make me a birthday cake!! (which i believe you had a hand in thank you!). The crater game drive was superb, we saw such a lot! We also got to do the

crater rim walk and the boma visit which was particularly special.

SSC was by far the best and I’d give it more than 5!! It was exactly as I had hoped. Completely open to nature and relaxed yet luxurious. When we arrived it was just WOW!

Our tent was perfect and had an incredible view! The common space was fantastic visually and the atmosphere it created I will never forget. Everything here worked like clockwork and

the attention to detail was superb. Early morning wake up calls with coffee, game drives starting exactly on time with blankets and hot water bottles, amazing laundry service!, bedtime turn down

and hot water bottles and the list goes on. Everything was thought about and it all happened without us even seeing someone do it! John the camp manager was fantastic and chatted

to us at length every evening and we really enjoyed he’s stories. Mussa our guide was fantastic and seemed by magic to produce everything we asked for……lion, leopard, rhino, river crossings.

The food here too was perfect and again I was treated to another cake and singing! Again the staff couldn’t do enough for us and were super friendly.

Breezes ticked all the boxes as well and also gets a 5. It was lovely to relax by the pool and Ava particularly enjoyed this part of it. We did a reef walk which was very interesting and did some sailing

which was great. The staff were all friendly and everything spotlessly clean. The food was also good but they alternate nights between buffet and set menu and on the set menu nights there

were not many things to satisfy all the families tastes. But that was a small thing and did’nt effect our overall stay.

Apart from that, thank YOU very much for all the planning and answering of my million questions. We definitely think the way the trip was structured was ideal. The stop over in Arusha, whilst

I initially thought would be a waste of time, was definitely needed! After seeing the distances from the accommodation outside the crater compared to that on the rim we were very glad

you advised to stay on the rim too! The time in Ngorongoro was just enough. And flying between places, whilst still tiring, was definitely a good call too!!

Overall we were totally happy with everything it just feels quite weird to be back now. Something that I had dreamed about for so long, with 18 months of build up and now it’s over!

Anyway, we have the memories which I have yet to sift through the millions of pics. I will definitely send a few over when I get around to it.

Thank you and hopefully we will be back again soon to book another adventure!



L. Nassr, USA. 2019.

Hi Kitty!

Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH for planning the most amazing trip!! We loved each park we visited and were so comfortable at each accommodation. We loved the tent life and were pleasantly shocked at how luxurious the meals and services feel in the middle of no where! We didn’t have any problems along the way, every day ran smoothly and we stuck to the itinerary. The guides were both great and so friendly!

Amazing pictures, amazing memories, and amazing friendships made. Thank you for making it all possible!!

Lauren & Barbara 

Heather K. 2019. USA

I don’t even know where to begin.. I guess the best place to start would be with our amazing Booking consultant George. He was so patient with me during the process of picking the best itinerary for my budget and wants for a first trip to Africa. It took me a while to finally book — lots of factors like PTO, money, flights from the US etc.

From the moment we arrived on our international flight we were always met by someone to transfer or help us. They were always prompt and on time. With no cell service it could have been really complicated to get lost – but with Africa Odyssey I knew we were going to be taken care of the entire trip. 

Our safari experience to the Selous was amazing. We were able to see so much game and in true privacy. Barely did we ever see another truck. The intimate experience might not be for everyone as you have to spend a bit more time in the car driving to see game, but you really get a next level experience.

We stayed at the Serena Selous tented camp — it was by far the highlight of our trip. The staff here was AMAZING. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They were so fun and laid back with amazing service at the same time. On our last night they upgraded us to the River Camp (which was more expensive). Though that was a fun experience we felt the food and service at the tented camp was actually far superior. 

From the Selous we traveled to Zuri Zanzibar. In hindsight I wish we had taken Georges advice and made it down to the Ruaha – that will be a lesson for next time. 

Zanzibar was beautiful. We had a lot of relaxing time together on the beach. Our favorite day was right before we departed when we walked down the beach and found some local paintings to bring home. The staff at Zuri was great as well. We had a little stomach issue but overall it was great. We’ve been home for over a month and cannot stop talking about our experience. We are patiently waiting for another chance to get to Africa. When we do – we will be booking through George and Africa Odyssey of course. 

Lois A. 2019. USA

Our trip was amazing!  There was not one glitch — everything ran smoothly.  The Bush and Beyond representative (Chuy) at NBO was great and connected us with a driver (Martin) who picked us up the next day and drove us to the Giraffe Centre and a lovely garden/sculpture center for lunch.  We had a walking tour booked but it was cancelled so we appreciated  Martin stepping in.  When we departed, Chuy got us checked in at Wilson where there was nothing we needed to do except wait for our flight.  Private plane — just the 3 of us!  

Obviously, Eka Hotel is not a 5-star Ritz-Carlton but we would give it 5 stars for what it is  — an airport hotel.  Basic, clean rooms, friendly staff and great food.  We enjoyed sitting on the patio with drinks and snacks and that’s what we did both nights.  Our two days there were very satisfying.

I’m so glad you gave a convincing case for going to Laikipia.  We ‘loved’ Loisaba!  A sophisticated tented camp with dramatic views, very friendly, efficient staff who go out of their way for you.  A little screw fell out of my sunglasses the first day and within minutes someone was there with a tiny screwdriver.  We loved the varied terrain, visiting with the sniffer dogs and Jennifer went horseback riding.  The bush breakfast was magical and our guide, Brown, was so much fun.  It was a 5-star 3 days for sure!

Speke’s Camp has such a different look from Loisaba and that’s exactly what we wanted.  We like different experiences.  The rooms were great and bucket showers fun (our first).  The food was very good and dinner was by candlelight — real candles!  We really bonded with our driver and spotter — Ambrose and Marco.  Loved driving through the conservancy where we saw small settlements with hundreds of cattle and sheep.  Tons of wildlife also.  Another 5-star camp.

We would give Kiota 5 stars also.  The tents have everything you could possibly want and look out over amazing views.  The manager, Eric, was kind, helpful and even arranged snacks and sundowners in the bush just for us on our last night.   Our amazing driver found more wildlife than we could have dreamed of seeing.  Lions climbing trees was a highlight.  We’re glad we went to the Serengeti but would probably go to other locations in Tanzania before going back there.  The roads are rough, dusty and we liked the Mara as much or maybe more.  But, we felt we needed to go there so it’s all good 🙂

Our trip was amazing because of you,  George.  I was so ‘all over the place’ and you stayed with me until I sorted it out in my head.  Thank you so much!   You must have heard many comments on how patient you are.  Africa Odyssey is so lucky to have you!

N. Carr, USA. 2019.

Thanks, George. We had a wonderful time in Tanzania. Everything went smoothly and according to plan. We really enjoyed the Nomad camps and the Nomad guides. Kuro Tarangire (5) and the Serengeti mobile camp (5) were really outstanding in every way.

I. Mannozzi, USA. 2019.

Dearest Kitty,

I wanted to write you already but then somehow I forgot.

We’ve got your mail and now I´ll take advantage of the opportunity to thank you for arranging the most incredible and wonderful trip ever.


We became fans of NOMAD and their standards, the food was in both venues very good,the guides fantastic, the settings beautiful and the staff real jewels….(especially in Lamai) and the furnishing simple but super tasteful.

RAS Kutani the same, beautiful set up. I think, Ras Kutani is suffering from a lack of vistors that go to Zansibar instead. I would be such a pity, to see this pearl dying. Kitty you gotta do something and send people there.

We will highly recommend your agency and you of course to make this all happen for us. We are already planning the next trip to Galapagos, maybe you can set us up.

Sending our love and thank you again

N Elworthy

It was fantastic! Thank you so much for organising everything for us.

We saw lions, lion cubs, a leopard and we had 4 different cheetah sightings, including the 5 cheetahs that live together in the Mara, which apparently featured on Our Planet, that latest David Attenborough documentary. In Lewa we watched the leopard bat a baby monkey out of a tree and then catch and eat it. Obviously felt really bad for the baby monkey but it was fascinating non the less.

Going to the Masai Mara in off-peak season was a great idea because it was quieter than I thought it would be. Apart from the 5 cheetahs and a big pride of lions on a kill, the number of vehicles around each sighting was really small or just us. Sometimes we drove around for hours without seeing another vehicle.

Weather wise, we brought the rain to every single place we went to, so everyone was really happy because they were desperate for it! It was perfect though because it was mostly at night so we got these amazing thunder storms in the evenings while we ate dinner or when we went to bed. And the light was beautiful in the Masai Mara when the purple thunder clouds rolled in and the sun shone through and made the grass look bright lime green.

The managers at Naibor did mention that the same week last year was a total wash out though and we wouldn’t have been able to do anything. So might be worth noting down for future guests because everyone said the weather’s becoming really unpredictable and it was perhaps more risky than we thought to go at that time. Happily it all worked out great for us though. I thought it would be really cold at night but I was hot most nights and kept throwing the hot water bottles out of the bed! It really wasn’t much different to going in peak season apart from getting stuck in the mud a few times after a big rainfall at night. But that was quite fun!

The safari camps were both beautiful and the staff at Lewa especially were exceptional. They couldn’t do enough for us. At Naibor we were the only guests and had dinner every night with the managers. One night a genet came right into camp and sat next to our table, which was incredible.

It was amazing to see Lake Naivasha again and Loldia House was lovely. It was like being in someone’s home and we even met the manager’s family. The manager was quite a character!

I have thousands of photos, as usual. It was great to get some more close up photo opportunities in the Mara, as the animals seemed much less nervous than anywhere else we’ve been on safari. For once I got some of zebras’ faces, rather than just their bottoms! It was good to have two different locations though, as although things were quieter in Lewa, it’s quite nice to feel you’ve really worked for your sightings. We were really lucky there as some other guests saw very little of the big game, but we saw a lion and the leopard.

So all in all, it was another great trip. Thank you again!

W. Sloneker, USA. 2019

First, I want to say that your firm did a spectacular job arranging the reservations at the lodges, coordinating Asilia for the drives at Lake Manyara and the Nogorogoro Crater, and the air travel throughout Tanzania. Also, the itinerary changes you were able to make quickly during the Safari shows an impressive concern for your clients and a fantastic depth of knowledge and experience in the Tanzanian Safari experience.  I will certainly call on you again for future safaris.  If you manage travel to India and Egypt, I would be interested more information.  Also, what other recommendations do you have for safaris in Africa?  Different locations in Tanzania and other venues?


Mwiba lodge was simply fantastic. While it is very expensive, it is worth every penny. The rooms or should I say cottages were spacious and very private. The bed was comfortable and large making for sound sleeping. Large sitting area inside as well as a very large balcony with nice views of the stream and countryside added so much comfort and enjoyment.


The food was exceptional. The variety offered at each meal was impressive and the quality was worthy of a Michelin starred restaurant. Three or four entrees at each meal with many side dishes and starters, desserts and soups would satisfy the most discerning and demanding palate.


The game drives were the best. Zeke and Charles were focused on providing us with the best safari experience.  The first afternoon out they spotted a huge leopard napping in a tree. I was no more than 30 feet from the female capturing beautiful pictures. The MWIBA private game preserve is incredible. We saw no other vehicles in the bush over the three days there, and we covered a lot of terrain.  Also, we could remain in the bush well into the evening hours, when the predators become more active.  Also, we were near enough to travel well into the plains to view the great migration.  What a unique and awesome experience that was along with watching lions lying in wait for their next meal.


Most memorable was the morning they took us on a walking safari. We encountered a tribe of bushmen (and women) hunting and foraging. We spent several hours following them in their daily routine, shooting smaller animals (birds and bush babies) and cooking them on the spot and smoking bees out to retrieve their honeycombs. The bush people were so skilled, happy and gregarious, Joanne and I were astonished.  MWIBA topped off this experience with a breakfast in the bush that was fit for a king with the chef presenting omlettes and all the usual fixings of a full English breakfast.


I could go on and on, but I thinks this captures the essence of Mwiba.  An unforgettable experience. It should be a required visit for those seeking the ultimate in safari experiences.


Thanks again Ted for all your help and professional guidance.

Best Regards, Bill

D & C Powers, USA, 2019

Hi Kitty,


So nice to have your email welcoming us home!  We thought of you often during our trip—singing your praises for helping us put together such an amazing adventure!

Everything went so smoothly!  We felt very well taken care of every step of our journey.  First of all, the yellow fever vaccine was not even mentioned in Nairobi airport.  Once we got to Dar, Coastal Aviation representatives made all of our transfers seamless—always there on time and bringing us exactly where we needed to be.  We were very impressed with them!!  All four of our accommodations were amazing!  We loved every one!

So you can see, Kitty, we loved this trip and will have so much fun sharing our tales with our family and friends!  We will have such delightful memories of marking our 70th birthdays!  By the way, every camp made a special effort to mark our birthdays in a special way, with cakes, candles, and song!   We felt very celebrated!  And they also accommodated my food intolerances—Fanjove was meticulous about it!

We thank you for your attention to detail and for always answering our questions and being so responsive and personal.  We feel like you are a friend! =)

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