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E. Hehir, Germany 2017

Travis and I want to thank you SO much for your help in making our honeymoon the absolute best we could have wished for. Everything went so smoothly and we never had to worry about a single detail.

So, thank you so much for your help in making this the best trip we’ve taken. If you need more info on the accommodations or more comments, we would be happy to talk more. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help us with our honeymoon.

J. Coleman, U.K 2017

Just a note to thank you for setting up our trip to Phinda. It was the trip of a lifetime. No complaints all the folks were so kind and professional. Ricci and Theo  were super guide rangers and lots of fun.Capetown and especially the Belmond were icing on the cake.Good luck and thanks

S Dyer, Canada

We had a really fantastic time, exceeded all my wildest expectations.  Nothing can beat the feeling of being in the African wilderness!

All the lodges were good … I think it was a really good combination as some animals that weren’t plentiful in one area were in another … we felt like we ended up seeing everything by the end of the trip.

Siwandu (Selous) – 5 stars, amazing food and service.  Really appreciated the pool when dealing with the hottest afternoons I think I’ve ever had to deal with!  And there were no annoying insects at all which was amazing. We had our first game drive after getting picked up from the airstrip and I couldn’t believe all the animals we saw in 2 hours.  Loved all the giraffe and baboons.  Saw elephants once, guides found us lions close up 3 times which was also great.

Ikuka (Ruaha) – 5 stars for the food, service and amazing view. Pool was also great for the hot afternoons. I was a bit disappointed at first at the lack of wildlife around compared to the Selous, but I really wanted to see elephants and there certainly were a lot of them!  After a while I did appreciate the beauty of the area especially around sunset, the sunrises and sunsets were amazing.  The only hiccup was our first guide was not very good at all, his English was poor and I thought his driving and attitude was rather reckless  and he did not communicate very well with us about where he was driving us to (he was trying to find the big cats , he did find us a leopard eventually). On our 3rd drive he tried to drive close to a group of elephants in the dry river bed and got the car stuck in the sand, near 40 elephants and 1 hour before sunset!  I was very stressed for 45 minutes, another guest thought it was a great adventure and was trying to help him get the car unstuck. I was worried he was not calling for backup because he was worried about getting in trouble. Finally he called for back up and I felt fine once other people came … they walked us out and called in a car to tow it out. Mark (the manager) was extremely apologetic (I shared my other concerns about him) and took us out for the game drives after that (also we had one drive with another guide who was much better). Mark gave us a walking tour for free as well. We didn’t see that guide after that so I’m not sure if he was suspended for a bit or worse … but I do think he was a very bad guide.  So I think Ikuka is 5 stars as long as they have quality guides!

Alex Walker Serian (Serengeti) – 5 stars for the location and guides … obviously a bit more rustic that the others and the food, although good, isn’t as gourmet as the other places.  The bucket showers were fine and the water was actually hotter than the other places… nice to have the toilet within your tent rather than unzipping the tent in the middle of the night!  Our guides were really amazing and showed us the value of being patient … our guide got us waiting near a couple of lions and we saw them mate, and also the lioness tried to “cheat” on the alpha male … amazing, and we were the only jeep there. We also saw baby lions and baby leopards, which was great.  We caught a wildebeast crossing without having to wait for it, just being at the right place and the right time! (We did try to catch another one but no luck with the indecisive wildebeest.) Only in the last 2 days of our trip I started to get a lot of insect bites (delayed reaction?) I would advise guests to bring earplugs for if the wildebeest are nearby they are very noisy at night!

Thanks for all your help planning, all my neurotic worries about my stomach getting sick and giant scary insects did not come true!

A Bowie, USA, 2017

Planning our African safari honeymoon was made possible entirely due to Toby and his incredible guidance, recommendations and ease of communication.  We had never used the assistance of a travel planner before, and were uncertain what to expect.  Toby was who responded to our initial inquiry in our early stages of research.   Wow—we consider ourselves extraordinarily lucky to have found him. Truly the most amazing trip of our life.  Knowing that we will have Toby’s guidance makes us so excited and hopeful to return to Africa.  Everything about our experience with him, as well as the accommodations and locations he arranged for us exceeded our expectations, and left us in awe of how beautiful South Africa truly is.  We are so grateful for Toby!

Truly—Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing what you did for us.  I still am in shock of how it all came together—we started our planning so late for this trip and I can’t believe the experiences that we had.  We heard many people tell us how hard it was to get a room at Vlei unless you booked 6 months or more in advance.  I don’t know how you made it possible for us, but thank you.

You did so much arranging for us that we did not expect and were so grateful for—At every lodge there was always a bottle of wine or champagne with well wishes for our honeymoon—at Thonga they gave us a private special dinner on the deck…So many surprises!  And Ricci and Matt were top-notch guides…we were so impressed with them—their knowledge and genuine love for what they do was very evident.  (We can say the same for you!)  We would love to return one day and have any of you three be our guides…We truly find ourselves so lucky to have found you—I know you have made it part of your career to give travel guidance, but I still feel like you did so much more than that, and went above and beyond for us—complete strangers across the world—so TRULY, thank you.

Greenberg, 2015

Hello! Apologies for the very delayed reply.

Our trip was amazing!!! Everything went very smoothly (outside of when the airport in Dar airport shut down for military drills and we almost missed our connection, but that has nothing to do with you!).

Our Kilimanjaro climb was with Shah Tours and we had an great experience – it was comfortable and authentic.

From there we went to the Serengeti and stayed at both the Nomad mobile camps. They service was wonderful, as was the food, game drives etc. I would rate it a 4.5/5 when I think of what a 5/5 might be, but it easily met all of our expectations.

We moved from there to Zanzibar and stayed at Kilindi which was also incredible. For what we wanted it was forsure a 5/5.


We will definitely contact you or the sister companies when planning our next adventure! Thanks 🙂


S Greenberg

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