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Naivasha, Nigeria, 2014

Best money we’ve ever spent – safari in Tanzania
Firstly, sorry for the late review (holiday was October last year!). I don’t usually leave reviews but I really had to this time, even if it is 9 months late! My boyfriend and I had saved up to do a really special holiday and had spent months procrastinating over the planning. All I wanted was to see lions (after having been on several safaris and missed out every time) but I was aimlessly searching for the best country and time of year to go and not making any progress. We live in Nigeria where the phone networks are bad, so I’d sent loads of emails to other agents asking for information but nothing we received back got us very excited, One day I stumbled upon the African Odyssey website and started an online chat with Ed, who within 5 minutes had hit the nail on the head and sent me my dream itinerary. He knew what I wanted even though I didn’t! The brief I gave him was lions, luxury safari, beach time at the end (but not Zanaibar as I’d already been), Sep/ Oct time. We ended up with almost 2 weeks in total doing safaris in Ruaha (Mwagusi camp) and Selous (Siwandu camp) and then finishing up on Fanjove private island. The trip was absolutely amazing, I saw my lions and even after returning to work I was walking on air for weeks, something I can’t say has ever happened before! Everyone at African Odyssey was so helpful. They went out of their way to assist me and Ed was fantastic at judging exactly what I was after and answering my countless questions. When Ed wasn’t available someone else stepped in and knew exactly who I was and was able to help immediately. When I got nervous about the final cost of the trip Ed was very patient and even helped me look at other options. But in the end I’m so glad we just went for the places we loved and didn’t try to shave off £1,000 to justify booking. It was by far the most money we’d ever spent on a holiday but it was without a doubt worth every single penny. And as someone who struggles to make a decision without researching every available option until I’m blue in the face, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t bother researching other travel agents next time we want to do a trip. African Odyssey really know their stuff and their personalised approach gave me total confidence that I was going to get the holiday I wanted. In fact, I’m talking to them now about the next holiday! Thanks to everyone who helped, we’re looking forward to the next adventure. Naivasha & Cameron

Formisano, M (Kenya, 2014)

Hi Ed/Dave,

The trip was excellent. We loved every single part of it. I am really thankful to David for arranging everything; in particular his knowledge and recommendations made a big difference; it wouldn’t have been that good if it wasn’t for Dave.

We loved Kigelia and Ruaha; if we go back we’ll definitely return there. The accommodation was fantastic, the staff was very good, friendly and helpful. I have recommended that place to everyone.

Siwandu was very good but we preferred Kigelia as we prefer the feeling of total wilderness. The management at the lodge was very good, very professional. The guide was very knowledgeable (incredible, in fact!).

Thanks again for your help.




It seems such a long time since our safari, although it is just over 6 weeks since we returned. We have had a recent wedding in the family (my youngest son) which has focused our attention somewhat!!

 Our trip began in North Serengeti at Ubuntu, which was absolutely magnificent, both the area and the camp itself. There were only 3 guests in total at the camp for our stay, so the service was outstanding. Our guide, Venant, was excellent – even finding a Rhino mother and calf for us. The North Serengeti is very quiet and so different from the crowded central area we have visited before. 


Mdonya in Ruaha we have visited before in 2011 and was again excellent, although there seemed to be far fewer elephant this time. Our guide, Christian, was very knowledgeable but lacked good interpersonal skills, a situation that camp manager Mary was aware of.


Katavi, which we had been anticipating would be the highlight of the trip, was actually disappointing, both from a wildlife point of view – very sparse and difficult to find – and the Wildlife Camp itself where the food was average (buffet style) and the guiding restricted to a limited local area.


We would certainly return to Ubuntu again, possibly in South Serengeti next time, but would not recommend Katavi for the reasons above, especially given the distance and related cost.


With regard to Africa Odyssey, all arrangements went without a single hitch, even down to our request for bottled water at all the camps!


Thanks to both Eds who dealt with our booking arrangements,



L Kessler, USA, 2014

Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out.  The trip went like clockwork. Everything was as wonderful as AO told me it would be. Guides were extremely knowledgeable and delightful. Hosts were great, especially at Beho Beho. Mwagusi was lovely, especially the rooms.  I think the normal chef was away so food was okay..only minor disappointment.  Got to see LOTS of game, including honey badgers at both camps.  Only thing I didn’t get to see on my list was the leopard, but I think they can be elusive.  I especially enjoyed the water tour at Beho.  I was met on time and transferred at each stop and felt very spoiled the entire time!  Thanks for a great trip!

S Song, USA, 2014

Hi Dave! Great to hear from you! The trip was just amazing and wonderful and perfect! We agreed it was probably our best trip ever! Everything went very smoothly and the places were just stunning. We took thousands of pictures and we just loved everything. I think our favorite was Alex Walker camp, I was meaning to ask you by the way, do you have the email address for Alex Walker where we stayed because I wanted to send them a couple pics we took.

Here is a review for the website:

We used Africa Odyssey to book our first safari to Tanzania based on a recommendation from a friend and we couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience! Dave and the rest of the Africa Odyssey team was super on top of everything, incredibly responsive, pleasant to work with, and very accommodating and flexible to our many requests and questions. The trip was just fantastic and we had the most amazing time! All the places we stayed were gorgeous, with excellent service and FOOD, and everyone we met was so warm and wonderful. All our transitions, transportations, and reservations worked out smoothly, which was really important in having an amazing vacation. Planning a safari seemed really daunting and complicated and we definitely could not have done it ourselves. We completely relied on Africa Odyssey to make the right recommendations and book everything for us and tell us everything we needed to know and we had one of the best trips ever! Thank you Dave and Africa Odyssey for everything!!


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