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Canal, 2015

My apologies for the delayed response. The trip was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed our time on Safari and in Zanzibar, and could not have asked for a better honeymoon.My rating for the lodges would be:

Machweo: 5/5 (Great dinner, view, and helpful staff)

Oliver’s Camp: 5/5 (I think this was our favorite camp. The accomodations were excellent.)

Ngorongoro Farmhouse: 4/5 (Beautiful grounds, only drawback was we had a few people try to solicit tips out of us slightly abrasively)

Alex Walker’s Syrian Camp: 4.5/5 (Amazing staff and accomodations, got a little hot during some of the days in the tents)

Ras Nungwi: 5/5 (Incredible beach views, food, and accomodations)

Let me know if I can provide any more detailed feedback, and we will certainly keep Africa Odyssey in mind for future trips that we take.

Kind Regards,

T Canals

Belyanchikove, UK, 2015

Sure, I was going to drop a line anyway!  First, thanks very much to Tom and your team for organising the trip and everything. The safari was amazing, better than what we expected (and compared to what I’ve seen in Namibia before for example) – got to see the river crossing, crocodiles, hippos, lots of elephants, giraffes, many many lions with cubs, cheetahs, also with cubs, and even leopard on one occasion. So, great!


I would probably give all 3 main lodges 5stars, but faru faru really stood out in terms of attention to detail, variation and quality of food and accommodation. I think we had the order in which we stayed at the lodges perfect – starting with coffee lodge for one night, which was ok, moving to SUC, which definitely had its charm in the tented setting, then the luxurious faru faru and finally the sasakwa, where you get a much bigger “house” with a dipping pool etc and more facilities, which is nice to have at the end to relax a bit more.


The only thing we would have changed is we felt maybe 3 nights at faru faru and 3 at sasakwa was a bit much – not because we got bored of safari by that point, but because it was pretty much the same safari for the entire week at the same reserve. So we saw the same prides and animals throughout the time. I think we didn’t realise just how close the two lodges were and that the entertainment was also going to overlap, for example because of that we had two nights of barbecue with local dancing show etc. There were a few little things (like we had lots of dead bugs and insects both in faru faru and sasakwa, which the staff for some reason did not pick up when cleaning) but nothing major or worth drawing much attention to.


Overall, we’d definitely recommend our trip and your company as well. I think flying on the little planes is not for the fainthearted (especially through a serious downpour!), but the quality of accommodation, service and food (and of course safari) pleasantly surprised us. It was great, thanks very much.


K Belyanchikova

Gold, 2015

We had the most fantastic trip. Botswana was amazing and your recommendations of Kwara and Lagoon were great. We loved the fact they both had trackers and guides and we could drive off road – indeed the highlight of our holiday was waking up at 5am every morning and tracking down cats. Whilst Kwara was rustic and charming, Lagoon was luxurious and wonderful. Being next to the river to see elephants and hippos cross over whilst having a shower was a special experience.

Mozambique and Azura was incredible and having your own private pool yet being on the beach was great. The food was particularly good and our helper for the week, Pedro, was a legend. Always smiling and happy.

Ted – thanks so much for helping organise the bes trip of our lives. In particular your safari recommendations were perfect for what we were looking for. I’d recommend you to everyone.

A. Gold

Broadbent, 2015

The trip was fantastic from start to finish.

With an adrenalin stopping intermission when I went on a bush walk with two guides, so just the three of us.

Two km from the game vehicle, we watch an ostrich shoot past at full speed with a lioness hot on her tail.

After the excitement of that one thinks, uh-oh, lions hunt in a pride.

We grouped together on a low termite mound and, sure enough, fifteen lions came stalking with their sights clearly on us.

Talk about heart thumping, magical and scary all rolled into one! They were stalking and hiding in the long grass, so my photos are not so good, especially as I had a wide-angle lens on for close-up work. They got to about 10 m when I looked behind to see the lioness had missed out on the ostrich and was stalking us from the rear!

As they approached closer we separated further so they could see we were not a kudu or ostrich, and they started to settle down and lose interest. Once we knew where all the pride where, we slowly moved off in the other direction to leave them. A definite highlight and enlightening and humbling to be so close and totally in the domain of an apex predator.

This was actually Cecil’s pride too, though as you know he was sadly killed a few weeks earlier by poachers.

Great to have such quality guides in those moments! A unique experience for them too.

The lodge was one of the best I have stayed at, the team where a lot of fun and nothing was too much trouble for them.

Game viewing was of a high standard with big herds of buffalo and elephant, but also a wide variety of other wildlife. I got many great photos, especially of raptors, and a rare shot of an aardwolf.

Really everything from meeting at the airport, where I literally received VIP treatment, called forward out the queue and fast-tracked through immigration; to the flight to the lodge, accommodation, food, game viewing and departure was top quality. I left Zimbabwe with many warm memories.



S Broadbent

Jenkins, 2015

We had an amazing holiday – everything worked like clockwork. This was our first safari, but definitely not the last. Siwandu camp was incredible, from our hosts, the fabulous food and not forgetting the animals! Mwagusi was so much better in terms of the number and variety of animals we saw – the only downside was the food, which was very basic. Our hotel in Zanzibar was outstanding and gave us a relaxing week after the full on schedule of the safari. We both agreed that this was the best holiday we have ever had and we’ve had plenty of good ones. So a big thank you to you all at Africa Odyssey!

Best wishes

G and A Jenkinson

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