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S. Howling, U.K 2017

it was a brilliant holiday Ted. According to Will- OUR BEST EVER ! I have to thank you enormously as everything ran so smoothly. All the connections were seamless, even the 10 minute transfer timing between two of the coastal air flights – there was a woman to smooth us through ! you did a great job and i am recommending your company to everyone,


J. Roberts, Canada 2017

We just got back to Canada today.  Thanks for your message.  I wanted to let you know what a fantastic time Ben and I had on our trip.  Honestly – an absolutely epic time.

In terms of favourite sightings, it would be the baby hyena in Selous and the leopard in Ruaha.  Also, we developed into low-level bird geeks while we were there, which was super fun. I am SO GLAD that we chose to go to the southern parks.  Our Ruaha guide had worked in the Serengeti and when he described how literally hundreds of cars can come rushing to a particular animal viewing, it made me realize how special it was for us to be alone – the only vehicle – for so many of our game drives.  This was truer in the Selous due to the less strict road rules, I think, but we felt very wild and free in Ruaha too.

Really, George, I just can’t express how lucky I feel to have been able to go to Tanzania.  Now that I have been there, I also really appreciate and can understand some of your comments and suggestions when we were making plans.  It really makes a difference to have had people in your company who regularly visit these places and can provide accurate feedback.  Thanks 🙂


M. Blanco, Spain 2017

The entire experience was wonderful and is still very much with us, despite having had to rush home to Miami the day after we left Kenya to deal with approaching hurricane Irma. We did not have power for days after the storm struck and got cable and internet back yesterday. And we thought a hyena walking past our tent was exciting!…your company did a great job and we would not hesitate to use it again or recommend it.


M. Van der Vorst, Germany 2017

Everything was perfectly organized and we have enjoyed our trip 150%. I keep your contacts in my list and if we should plan another trip, I might well come back to you

L. Roepke, U.S.A 2017

I have been meaning to send you a note but have been so busy since we got back.  The trip was AWESOME!  It exceeded all of our expectations and was a fantastic family experience that we will remember forever! I actually logged into your site this weekend as I was planning on writing a review on your company but then got distracted.  I have full intention of writing a review for you, as well as the places we stayed – which were all great.  The guides were also great, and we saw almost every animal there was to see (including the big 5!).  We know we were pretty lucky – just right time and right place.  Even the plane rides on Coastal Air – which I have to admit I was a bit concerned about – were absolutely fine. I think the only thing that I would have liked (and this is a real nit) is when we arrived in Africa, we would have had a note at our hotel indicating our guide’s name and what time he was going to be there.  But the hotel knew, and the guide actually showed up early.  So all was fine.  Everyone took incredible care of our every need, and you must have passed on the note about the “60/30” birthdays (my husband’s and daughter’s), because a couple of the places sang happy birthday to them! Overall – everything was just fantastic!  Give me a few weeks and I will get the reviews out there. And – good to hear about your expansion.  My son and will be celebrating our “60/30” birthdays in 2019 and we are thinking about going to Machu PIcchu…..so we may be back!

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