A Ludwick

Imagine……….we are now home after a totally fabulous trip……………a few comments for our edification:

1.the stop in livingstone was terrific; the river club is marvelous; the falls even in low water makes for a delightful walk
2.the four botswana camps were outstanding……….13 nights is probably one camp too many, but I cant really tell you what I would eliminate because they are each unique…….nevertheless our order would be: mombo, little vumbra, duba plains and zib
3.ellerman house at cape town was simply out of this world….the experience there was nothing less than superb
4.we had arranged a guide through personal references and she was superb, name janice cocks and apparently she does a lot of work for wilderness
5.hermanus was a superb stop for the two nights, but the auberge was somewhat disappointing, to be super critical…….I think there is better, but I would not give up hermanus
6.hog-hollow was indeed exactly the right place near plett………a wonderful quality experience
7.even the night in port eliz. at windermere……..perfect

so julian thanks so much for steering us well

just one more thing, for my records and future planning purposes, please ask someone to send me a breakdown of the amounts I paid indicating, costs for flights, costs for botswana camps each separately, etc……..and thanks in advance for that

best personal regards from arnie and erna

A Ludwick 2008

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