Barton Family, 2013 UK


We had a really marvellous time and the kids loved every minute of it.


Lake Manze Camp

We enjoyed our stay at Lake Manze hugely.  I have been on Safari a number of times, but seeing Elephants strolling through the middle of the camp on a daily basis is an experience I will never forget.


Lake Manze had the big advantage of the relative seclusion of Selous while still providing plenty of opportunities to see the game.  The camp holds a maximum of around 24 people, so it was intimate and friendly.  The staff are marvellous in the camp and knowledgeable and helpful on the drives/trips (thanks, Victor and Emanuel, you were stars).  We were able to choose our own itinerary each day from a number of options and took in drives, boat trips (including fishing) and a walking safari.  Having breakfast and lunch in the bush is a great experience and we did so whenever possible.


This was the first Safari I had been on with my entire family, which encompasses 10, 13, 19 and 23 year-olds.  I have never seen them all looking happy for so long, although it was a shame that the youngest could not go on the walking Safari.


Anyone looking for real 5 star accommodation will be disappointed by Lake Manze.  However, it is very comfortable and more than came up to our expectations.


Tim Barton and family


Echo Beach

Anyone looking for a relaxing time on a tropical beach will find Echo Beach ideal.  The big advantage from our perspective was the size.  There is only room for a maximum of around 20 guests, so it is intimate and easy to find somewhere to sit or lounge even when full, as it was towards the end of our stay.   The surroundings are not manicured lawns, but raked sand and shrubs, which I thought really made the place.  We had children with us and they were made to feel welcome at all times.


Andrew and Sue were perfect hosts, constantly checking that we did not have any problems and helping whenever we needed something.  However, the biggest surprise was the food.  I have stayed in many 5 star hotels and never had such excellent food on a consistent basis.  There was a decent choice, even when we were more or less the only people there, but whatever we chose was good.


The beach is almost a cliché, with white sand, blue sea and even a horizontal palm tree.  High tide gave great swimming in the Indian Ocean and low tide provided great walking opportunities out towards the reef.


Tim Barton and family

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