Broadbent, 2015

Little Makalolo was fantastic from start to finish.

With an adrenalin stopping intermission when I went on a bush walk with two guides, so just the three of us.

Two km from the game vehicle, we watch an ostrich shoot past at full speed with a lioness hot on her tail.

After the excitement of that one thinks, uh-oh, lions hunt in a pride.

We grouped together on a low termite mound and, sure enough, fifteen lions came stalking with their sights clearly on us.

Talk about heart thumping, magical and scary all rolled into one! They were stalking and hiding in the long grass, so my photos are not so good, especially as I had a wide-angle lens on for close-up work. They got to about 10 m when I looked behind to see the lioness had missed out on the ostrich and was stalking us from the rear!

As they approached closer we separated further so they could see we were not a kudu or ostrich, and they started to settle down and lose interest. Once we knew where all the pride where, we slowly moved off in the other direction to leave them. A definite highlight and enlightening and humbling to be so close and totally in the domain of an apex predator.

This was actually Cecil’s pride too, though as you know he was sadly killed a few weeks earlier by poachers.

Great to have such quality guides in those moments! A unique experience for them too.

The lodge was one of the best I have stayed at, the team where a lot of fun and nothing was too much trouble for them.

Game viewing was of a high standard with big herds of buffalo and elephant, but also a wide variety of other wildlife. I got many great photos, especially of raptors, and a rare shot of an aardwolf.

Really everything from meeting at the airport, where I literally received VIP treatment, called forward out the queue and fast-tracked through immigration; to the flight to the lodge, accommodation, food, game viewing and departure was top quality. I left Zimbabwe with many warm memories.

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S Broadbent

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