C Davis

Dear Ed,

The four of us had a great trip to Tanzania in July and have some wonderful photographs from all the camps.

We had good food (& too much of it) at all the camps. All guides were knowledgeable,  with the guiding being excellent at Katavi (we had the camp manager, Richard, since another small group had arrived a day earlier and had the regular guide); the guiding was equally fine at Beho Beho for the two of us who went on to Selous; and for the two returning home through Arusha the Arusha Park day guide went out of his way to provide them with a wonderful final experience, including an orphanage visit and meeting some of his family.

The guiding at Serian and at Mwagusi in Ruaha was almost on a par with these top three, and was certainly good at Lake Manze.  At Ruaha where we had the “Village Visit” we were pleased with our time with the Masai villagers and at our brief school visit. Chris Fox, Mwagusi’s owner and our host,    was very interested in our input since this visit had not been done before. We made some suggestions for minor changes. He is a most interesting man; I had briefly met two of his brothers on a trip in 2009, and had hoped he would be at Mwagusi while were there. He is very attentive to all the guests, which makes his camp especially inviting.

We saw more lions & cubs at these five camps than in all my previous African trips combined…just phenomenal…a few in trees, plus an actual chase & kill by one at Beho. Had a couple of exciting up close elephant encounters by “resident” elephants in Mwagusi (I came around a bend in the path & there he was…with hands shaking a bit I got some pix as “Rudi” posed for me); and in Katavi their “Fred” shook a marula tree outside the dining room. At Lake Manze we had elephants who came around our tent just off the deck each morning and ignored my snapping camera.

Would  rate Beho, of course, as the must comfortable with outstanding staff…which I expected.

However, Ruaha being my favorite place in all of Africa, I believe Mwagusi is the most “atmospheric”.

Katavi is superb and worth the effort to get there.

Would give these three 5 stars all things considered. Serian would score 4, and Lake Manze 3+.

My daughters, granddaughter and I thank you for arranging such a fabulous Tanzanian Trek for us.


C Davis 2011

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