C Lozare

Hi Julian,

We loved Mombo Camp in Botswana. It was the first camp we went to and probably spoiled us for life in terms of game viewing.  On our very first day ever on safari we saw lions, the one wild dog of the area which had just had his kill appropriated by a hyena, and a white Rhino. And, of course, we saw herds of elephants, towers of giraffe, and a bloat of hippos and on and on. In addition to the bounty of animals, the accommodations at Mombo were heavenly. Hot water bottles in our beds at night, liquor to our heart’s content, food every time we turned around, and a wonderful staff everywhere we turned. It truly was heaven.

Beho, Beho in the Selous in Tanzania offered a different animal viewing experience. Here we could go on a walking safari which we couldn’t do at Mombo. And here we saw lions mating while having sundowners. Honestly, what more could one ask for? The rooms were glorious – first time I’ve slept in a room with just three walls. The fourth was open (but protected by an invisible fence) with a view of beautiful hills and a valley. The lodge was also open on one side and gorgeous. At night people dressed up a bit more here than anywhere else we stayed. And as in Mombo it was lovely to have some of the staff eat with the guests. And a man made water hole allowed us to view some animals as they came to drink and we ate. One morning we had a full delicious breakfast for two by Lake Tagalala and then the two of us went on the lake where we saw lots of crocodiles, birds, hippos, and more. Divine.

Faru, Faru in Tanzania was a perfect end to a dream trip. What could be better than cantering on the plains of the Serengeti up to a dazzle of zebra and herd of Topi? We had a guide to ourselves during our stay. Elephants were in camp when we left to go on a game ride one morning (sometimes I wondered why we ever bothered to leave these camps as animals constantly came around) and provided a bit of excitement. The plains were glorious and we saw a leopard and a cheetah as well as herds of Cape buffalo, and huge amounts of animals of every kind. And lunch up at Sasakwa Lodge was like a dream. The view of the Serengeti stretches for literally miles. The food was amazing (club sandwich of my life) and the setting; we ate outside, perhaps the best ever. And for those who love to ride, I can’t imagine a more perfect place. 18 horses, the wonderful staff helps outfit you with boots, chaps, helmets, whatever you need and want. And so long as you are able to ride and handle a horse, off you go with at least one in staff (I had two all to myself) to guide you. Be still my heart.


C Lazare

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