Grossman, Switzerland, 2015

HI there. Lake Manze I think I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. The camp was great, standard better than we had expected (it was simple but not THAT simple). Very clean and well kept. Everybody in the staff extremely service oriented and nice. The location at the border of the lake is beautiful and just the right place in a vast areas such as Selous where being near to the water means more animals. The no fence situation is well managed and we were not at all afraid even with a teenage son with us. The food was very good and plentiful – I am a vegetable lover and enjoyed the variety offered on veggies. The prices for drinks are absolutely ok. The manager couple are very good hosts which helped to get the conversation going at the dinner table. Shaun welcomes all guests every day whenever they come home from a trip, which is quite something -. The only criticism is that we had changing guides during our four night stay (3-4 in total) which was not optimal and we would have loved a guide who would have brought a bit more to the table in terms of introducing us to the big and small wonders on the way. This could be well addressed by more training (ENGLISH!). I have to note however that we have done quite a number of safaris so far and hence have established a certain benchmark in terms of guides. The driver was a very good spotter and helped us find a lot of nice scenes. He even tried to find the wild dogs for our son although we all knew it is hopeless, but just to give it another try – and we learned a lot out of this search process about “how to find animals”. We have already recommended the camp further and will continue to do so. It is ideal for people who put priority on game viewing and do not mind lack of luxury (although even what we had is luxury compared to residential living standards…) What we really appreciated is the early start in the morning at 6.30 for a long gameviewing tour up to 12./12.30 and again a short drive 16.30-18.30 which really gives enough time  to just sit and watch and which also enabled us to explore different habitats in the vast Selous area. We had a car for ourselves for the whole time which we felt was a great asset and advantage (we have never had this so far). It allowed us to remain with “scenes” as long as we wanted and not just checkboxing the big five –

All in all a great experience for the whole family – we will return!

S Grossmann

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