Lane, USA. 2018.

Kitty: I loved both Kiota and Serian. I had excellent and friendly guides at both.

Serian’s  hosts Alex Walker, Ainsley, and the host of a sister camp across the river were delightful, flexible, attentive. I didn’t think I’d be up for a late dinner after a long day, but the table at Serian each night was a highlight – easy and delightful conversation among remarkably interesting people. All meals were notably delicious and healthy.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to have a bushman as my spotter. Who else could you ask what baboon tastes like? It did take me a couple of days to get used to no running water in my tent —- someone should make sure guests know that beforehand? —- but once I did I fully appreciated the elegance in the way that camp is run.

Kiota’s accommodations – bed, desk— DESK, important —sinks, shower were extremely comfortable, the individual walk-in talkies reassuring esp that first night hearing animals outside. Food was good. Long waits getting started and also between courses was amusing, actually, slowed me down. All the staff at Kiota were personable, listened, and were sufficiently fluent in English. My guide there was also knowledgeable.

Back In Kilimanjaro, I had an eight hours wait for my departure flight. I wish I had had sightseeing plans for part of that time. Next summer, or more remotely possibly in February, I plan to take my daughter with back with me to Tanzania, depending on when she can get away. I will have an idea of the dates in early November. Then I would like to discuss doing a southern circuit for the two of us

I was impressed and reassured as a solo traveler at the smooth coordination all through my journey and thank you immensely, Kitty, for all your extra work putting together my trip.

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