Africa Odyssey Testimonials

H. Blom, Netherlands, 2018

Last Monday I came back with my three sons from Tanzania.

Apart from the fact that travelling with my sons was a huge pleasure, I would like, on behalf of my sons as well, to thank your company and you particularly

for the perfect organization.

Meetings at the airport , transfers to the Serena hotel in Dar, flights in Tanzania itself, but, more important, our two tented camps in

Lake Manze and Mdonya, it was all perfect. Friendly, helpful and professional staff everywhere and great game drives.

In other words all of us agree that it could not have been better!

If there might be in the future a repeat of a trip to Africa, it goes without saying that it would be organized by you.

F. Macpherson, UK. 2018.

We are sitting in the business lounge in Dubai for the last leg of our journey home. The trip has been amazing and more than we could have hoped for!!


Everything worked seamlessly from the minute we were met in Lusaka by a chap who had collected our luggage before we had cleared immigration through to being deposited at Livingstone airport by the driver from Waterberry. The car hire was bang on and our road trip was everything we wanted. I had memories overload and we made it all the way to Lubwa to visit and tidy up my sister’s grave.


Latitude 15 is a brilliant hotel and was designed by the Harvey’s (Shiwa) son!


Shiwa N’gandu was the perfect place to do this all from though it is getting old and tired. However the Harvey’s were excellent hosts and we found my father and brother’s signatures in their visitor’s book from 1973! We were also pleased to see they have a copy of the autobiography of Zambia’s first president that my father wrote in the library there.


The little plane arrived bang on schedule (like everything else you organised) to take us to Mwaleshi. Another unforgettable experience including watching a pride of lions hunt and kill a zebra while we were standing by. The whole team there cannot be highly commended enough.


Our final leg at the falls allowed us to do a bit of relaxing as we hoped and the falls were every bit as amazing as I remembered. We made sure we had a drink/lunch in both the Victoria Falls Hotel and the Royal Livingstone as I did when I was there on my final year elective in 1986! Recommend the microlight flight!!


Proflight are great and all our connections were early or on time.


I have completed reconnected with my Zambian roots to the point of one of our drivers in Livingstone telling me I was ‘green inside’ (like the flag)! It is a wonderful, peaceful place and everyone is so friendly and helpful (though I accept I may be biased!).


We cannot thank or commend you enough for making it all so easy!


A couple of helpful tips for other travellers we thought we’d share. There are ATMs in every reasonably sized town where you can withdraw kwacha with your UK visa debit card and people transact in kwacha so vital to have. Hotels etc will accept dollars but fuel stations will not and you need kwacha. Reassure other people who drive about the frequent police road blocks which do not always look like police road blocks until you get there. They usually waved us through but on the couple of occasions we were stopped they were friendly and courteous and just asked us where we were going. Every local we spoke to confirmed they are looking for contraband and poached animals on the lorries.

Finally there are road tolls (currently K20 and must be kwacha) in the bigger roads. The roads are much improved as a result.

Lane, USA. 2018.

Kitty: I loved both Kiota and Serian. I had excellent and friendly guides at both.

Serian’s  hosts Alex Walker, Ainsley, and the host of a sister camp across the river were delightful, flexible, attentive. I didn’t think I’d be up for a late dinner after a long day, but the table at Serian each night was a highlight – easy and delightful conversation among remarkably interesting people. All meals were notably delicious and healthy.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to have a bushman as my spotter. Who else could you ask what baboon tastes like? It did take me a couple of days to get used to no running water in my tent —- someone should make sure guests know that beforehand? —- but once I did I fully appreciated the elegance in the way that camp is run.

Kiota’s accommodations – bed, desk— DESK, important —sinks, shower were extremely comfortable, the individual walk-in talkies reassuring esp that first night hearing animals outside. Food was good. Long waits getting started and also between courses was amusing, actually, slowed me down. All the staff at Kiota were personable, listened, and were sufficiently fluent in English. My guide there was also knowledgeable.

Back In Kilimanjaro, I had an eight hours wait for my departure flight. I wish I had had sightseeing plans for part of that time. Next summer, or more remotely possibly in February, I plan to take my daughter with back with me to Tanzania, depending on when she can get away. I will have an idea of the dates in early November. Then I would like to discuss doing a southern circuit for the two of us

I was impressed and reassured as a solo traveler at the smooth coordination all through my journey and thank you immensely, Kitty, for all your extra work putting together my trip.

Heaver, UK, 2018

We are now back in Malaysia after our summer travels. Our trip was first rate. We were lucky enough, even though the migration was late this year, to catch the beginning of it and even saw what was only the second Mara river crossing of the year. We also had excellent close up views of leopard and cheetah, which we did not get on our earlier safaris.


Looking back we would not have designed the itinerary differently, and it was certainly a good idea to fly up and down to northern Serengeti rather than drive. At Ngorongoro, we concluded that it was the right decision to stay at a smaller lodge away from the crater (Gibbs) than what would have been a bigger and more impersonal hotel/lodge on the crater rim. The main tip we would have for other travellers is to do what we did at Gibbs–get up at 5 and be the first jeep into the park in the morning; as a result we missed the horrendous entry queue entirely and were ahead of and not bothered by the other traffic in the crater throughout the day.

I Burton, 2018

I’d be delighted to write a review on Trustpilot and a Google review.  I don’t normally write reviews but I was genuinely blown away with the holiday but also the level of support from you and the team.  I would strongly recommend you to anyone that is considering this type of holiday.

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