S Garcia-Sineriz

I just wanted to write you a small letter to thank you for everything as we had the most exciting and amazing honeymoon ever.

Everything worked perfectly with the people from Wilderness, and we had no problems along the trip.

Just to give you a little bit of feedback (i guess you’d appreciate for future customers), we had a wonderful stay at Tongabezi, where the location are food were the big strengths. Also the staff was always helpful, they demonstrated it specially when my husband injured his knee (while bungee jumping yes ha ha) and they drove us to the hospital and helped us out at any time so we could get everything sorted with a doctor at minimum cost. They were very kind and professional.

The first Camp Duma Tao, was lovely, staff was really kind too, and we had great game viewing there, was a great choice -that was your recommendation-..

Second Camp, Mombo, was as good and beautiful as we expected, best location ever to see lions and leopards (we saw a lot) and the most beautifully furnished and decorated Camp ever. Every small detail was beautiful, exclusive and with loads of taste. we loved our stay there.

The third Camp, Jao, was probably-maybe for being the last one- the most special to us. The location by the delta was incredible, but the best there was truly the staff, they made us feel as we were HOME, always so pleasant, nice, helpful and funny. There was something really magical around Jao, we also made the safari day+picnic which was really amazing.
Just to end, thank you again for the most wonderful trip of our lives!
kind regards,

S Garcia-Sineriz 2010

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