September 2011

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S Wachter

Hi Julian

The highlight for me was flying into Selous Game Reserve, 8 elephants deciding that their midnight feast was to be held right next to our tent & & staying at Echo Beach.

But to be honest the whole trip was brilliant.

Thank you all again for helping to make it so.

Warmest regards

S Wachter 2009

B V Duke

Dear Julian,
I have just gone through a computer/e-mail melt down and  just hope it all works out!  I have written my ‘thank-you’ e-mails to Selous Private Camp, Jongomero and Echo Beach and copied them to you so I just hope they all arrive.
There is little I can add to the contents of those e-mails other than to say a very great big THANK YOU for your services in facilitating what was a truly memorable holiday. Everything worked out perfectly and the only minor hiccup was when we were not met by ‘Monarch’ on our arrival at Zanzibar. Our mobile would not work but a local gentleman lent us his so we could telephone the number given on your contact list and they eventually turned up after about another half hour! Everything else worked out perfectly and we appreciated our ‘Shepherds’ at each transfer.
The two camps were impeccable in every respect and whilst Echo Beach might have had some problems, the sheer joy of the location made up for any failings. I have attached an assortment of the many photos I took there but if you want any further info I am happy to oblige.
As I hope I made clear in my e-mails, your requests regarding my need for minimal walking distances were met in all locations and I am very, very grateful to you for ensuring that and for all your service in arranging a very memorable holiday,

With very many thanks and best wishes from

B V Duke 2008

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