September 2011

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D Perros

Hello Julian,

I wanted to report back to you how very much we enjoyed our trip. We wouldnt have changed a single thing. It was just the right amount of time in each camp and the transfers all went off without a hitch. Mombo was the most extraordinary place we have ever visited-it exceeded all expectations. It is difficult to find superlatives to do it justice. I know Usa Sono has already contacted you about the glitch we had about being together with the Thomsons but we were relentlessly adamant that we would not take no for an answer and a solution was found. I am glad for that because it simply would not have been the same trip had we been separated and seeing as we had made these arrangements over 12 months in advance, there really was no excuse beyond simple-minded bureaucratic rigidity. In any event, all’s well that ends well.
I also wanted to point out that the renovations at Cape Grace are superb and they were kind enough to upgrade us to a penthouse suite which was divine. I feel reconfirmed in my notion that it would be the better choice for us as we all walked a good deal around the waterfront.
Thank you for all your help and good advice. We are thinking about a trip to Namibia (only) and would very much appreciate your input. I think we can give it about 10-12 days. Any thoughts?
All best,

D Perros 2008

F Garnett

Dear Marc and Julian,

Terry and Katrina have emailed to say that they had a fantastic trip and very much enjoyed the whole experience. They loved all of the resorts and thought they were of a great standard, (they didn’t mention anything about Rocktail being too long). The only thing they mentioned that might be worth passing onto Wilderness, was that the guide at Mombo was extremely unfriendly to the children, ignoring them for most of the time. However this was just a small aspect of the trip and they saw the rest of it as a huge success.

Thank you so much for all that both of you did and all the hard work going backwards and forwards, it was a pleasure working with you both.

I’m sure we will speak soon.

Kind regards
F Garnett 2007

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