September 2015

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Cole, UK, 2015

Thanks for your email addressed to Julian – but as the chief holiday planner I am replying! You’ll be pleased to hear that we had a fabulous trip and everything went exactly to plan.

To summarise briefly, the two camps exceeded our expectations for different reasons. Siwandu is in a lovely location, beautifully organised, has excellent food, delightful staff and every comfort thoughtfully taken care of. Mwagusi’s location was stunning and the way the camp integrated with it’s environment was perfect. Neither camp disappointed us in any way although the food at Mwagusi was not as good ( but the dinner setting in the river bed was fun!) but we felt very relaxed and at peace there. Our guides in both places were charming and very knowledgeable.

We were amazed by all the wildlife and saw everything we hoped to see except for a leopard which eluded us despite a long search in Ruaha! Our photos and memories are brilliant!

Breezes was extremely comfortable, the food was great and it was a beautiful place to relax. We did the reef walk, snorkelled and went on the Spice Tour but sadly didn’t have time for a visit to Stonetown.

All flights thankfully went smoothly but another time I would definitely avoid the lengthy journey home (about 28 hours door to door).

We absolutely loved Tanzania (I had lived there until I was 3 years old but, of course, have no real memories) and are already planning a repeat of the safari experience, although we might consider investigating Botswana next time, just for a change.

Please give my thanks to Dave for his help and guidance in planning and booking this wonderful holiday.


S Cole

Naivasha, Nigeria, 2014

Best money we’ve ever spent – safari in Tanzania
Firstly, sorry for the late review (holiday was October last year!). I don’t usually leave reviews but I really had to this time, even if it is 9 months late! My boyfriend and I had saved up to do a really special holiday and had spent months procrastinating over the planning. All I wanted was to see lions (after having been on several safaris and missed out every time) but I was aimlessly searching for the best country and time of year to go and not making any progress. We live in Nigeria where the phone networks are bad, so I’d sent loads of emails to other agents asking for information but nothing we received back got us very excited, One day I stumbled upon the African Odyssey website and started an online chat with Ed, who within 5 minutes had hit the nail on the head and sent me my dream itinerary. He knew what I wanted even though I didn’t! The brief I gave him was lions, luxury safari, beach time at the end (but not Zanaibar as I’d already been), Sep/ Oct time. We ended up with almost 2 weeks in total doing safaris in Ruaha (Mwagusi camp) and Selous (Siwandu camp) and then finishing up on Fanjove private island. The trip was absolutely amazing, I saw my lions and even after returning to work I was walking on air for weeks, something I can’t say has ever happened before! Everyone at African Odyssey was so helpful. They went out of their way to assist me and Ed was fantastic at judging exactly what I was after and answering my countless questions. When Ed wasn’t available someone else stepped in and knew exactly who I was and was able to help immediately. When I got nervous about the final cost of the trip Ed was very patient and even helped me look at other options. But in the end I’m so glad we just went for the places we loved and didn’t try to shave off £1,000 to justify booking. It was by far the most money we’d ever spent on a holiday but it was without a doubt worth every single penny. And as someone who struggles to make a decision without researching every available option until I’m blue in the face, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t bother researching other travel agents next time we want to do a trip. African Odyssey really know their stuff and their personalised approach gave me total confidence that I was going to get the holiday I wanted. In fact, I’m talking to them now about the next holiday! Thanks to everyone who helped, we’re looking forward to the next adventure. Naivasha & Cameron

Challe, France, 2014

Here we are ! Back from our wonderful holidays ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

To give you an overview of our different experiences :

–         Mwagusi (Ruhaha Park) : we really enjoyed Ruhaha and the lodge. As promised, Mwagusi is amazing, the games drives were excellent – we had wonderful guides and driver (Isaac and Vicent) – and we brought back beautiful pictures !

–         Siwandu (Selous). Very sophisticated camp, less games drives focused but a great variety of activities (fishing, boat cruise, walking safaris…very sophisticated breakfasts in the bush). The managers Susan and Bastian are really friendly and do their best to please their guests ! A wonderful experience !

–         Manta Resort. To be honest, we have been disappointed by the resort ! The place is beautiful, the staff very nice…but the villa (sea front) is very basic, not very clean. The SPA is free, perfect…but towels are not changed between 2 guests !


T. Enticknap, 2012 (UK)

Hi Edward,

Thank you for the attachment.

No, we didn’t see wild dog, although we spent a morning looking for them, but we saw just about everything else! Lots of lion – in prides with a kill, solitary males, and in small groups. One pride had two cubs and we were really lucky to find a pair of lionesses (with three adorable two-month old cubs) who were in the process of hunting. One continued on her way across the valley to hunt giraffe, whilst the mother lay down in front of us and suckled her cubs. A magical moment! We saw a female cheetah three times, again with three cubs – the first time they were very thin and hungry, the second she was hunting impala but failed to make a kill and the third time they all had full bellies! Add to the list wildebeest, a 300-strong herd of buffalo walking directly towards us, civet cat and, on two separate occasions, serval! Eland, dik-dik, Grant’s gazelle, vervet monkeys, greater and lesser kudu, hippos etc as well as the usual suspects and lots and lots of birds. One very early morning, our guide was hugely excited to spot an ardwolf, but Tony just got a glimpse and I didn’t see anything at all! Oh yes, and we saw a pair of hyena with a young cub sunbathing outside their den as well as a group of three squabbling over the remains of a kill, surrounded by jackals. As for the leopards, we saw our first up a tree between being picked up from the airstrip and taken to Mwagusi – what a welcome! The second slunk across the track in front of us just as it was becoming dark one evening and it was a very brief sighting, but a leopard nonetheless! On the third occasion, we saw two cubs a few months old, each up a separate tree whilst the mother was off hunting. An elephant tried to take off our banda roof one night, and was blocking the doorway on the morning we left! I find it amazing how quickly they can change from placid creatures into raging behemoths when they feel they are being threatened. We had a couple of scary moments, including one afternoon when we were on the lake at Selous, close to the bank, and an elephant got quite stroppy and charged us. We backed off and were lucky enough to see him swimming across the lake to an island, using his trunk as a snorkel. That was quite a moment! By the end of the trip, we were just awestruck by the amount of wildlife we had seen and couldn’t believe our good fortune. Undoubtedly, a lot of this was down to the skill of our brilliant guide at Mwagusi who had a real instinct for knowing where to find the animals, and his knowledge and enthusiasm were outstanding.

Sorry to go on about it – of course you’ve heard it all before, but you did ask!!

Lucky you to have lived in Africa for so long – we can’t wait to return.

Kind regards,
T. Enticknap, 2012 (UK)

C Monksfield

Hi Julian,

So sorry for the late reply, I’ve been a bit manic since being back from our amazing trip, then I just found this email …

I think it will be hard to take an exception to any one guide or chef, they were all good in their own way, all the guides were good as was the food etc.

Ras Kutani – A perfect start to the holiday, just sheer relaxation! The suite was amazing with a lovely plunge pool, staff were very helpful and polite in every manner. The beach is nice to stroll on and the service was quick and efficient, having some spa treatments available also was a bonus.

Mwagusi – Certainly a rustic camp, a real feeling of being out in the middle of the Ruaha game reserve. Lots of good game viewing here, we were so lucky to see some amazing cats also including a pride of Lions taking on a Giraffe, a leopard chilling in a tree and a Cheetah from a distance. There was a nice camp feel in the evening chilling by a fire with tales of the day and the food was excellent again. Lovely accommodation given location and friendly staff.

Beho Beho – We absolutely loved this place, a family home come base camp in a Jurassic feeling Selous game reserve. This was a real step in luxury and service, all the staff were very friendly and professional with a real team feeling. There is a good feeling of remoteness with no manicured roads and specific tracks to follow. The walking safari’s were a great experience. The game a little less common than in the Ruaha but mainly down to the dense landscape not because it wasn’t there. Some real treats to a different style of safari with a trip to the lakes to see a variety of different wildlife. It has to be said the stay was enhanced by the great people we met whilst staying in Beho Beho in a very social gathering, not to be said that it can’t be private though it can be as social as you like.

Mnemba – I guess this has to be the perfect ending, the pictures pretty much sum it up as a lost Maldivian Island and that’s exactly as it is. A luxurious stay with everything you’d expect from a 5 star experience. Friendly staff intent on making the feel of a private Island as private as you want it to be. Superb diving and private dining.

The Serena Inn Stone town is what it is really, probably the best hotel around there but not got much of a chance after all the other locations being so great … despite us not arriving til about 4pm our room still wasn’t ready. Only complaint to be honest.

Thanks for all your advice and efforts in arranging the trip as well as possible.

Kind Regards.


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