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Rutherford, UK, 2015

We saw all the main species (huge number of animals in total) in the Serengeti except leopard and rhino. One of the best experiences was seeing a cheetah with her 2 cubs resting under a tree then we saw her recent kill (small gazelle, not eaten at all) about 50 mtrs away which one of the cubs wandered over to try to eat, soon to be helped by the mother to break into it. We were perhaps 10 mtrs from them. Plenty of the remains of other ‘kills’ in the food chain.

2 of 3 of us who went to Selous saw a leopard plus cub on the day of arrival. There were lots of giraffe and a nice family of lions including an amorous couple, cubs and more on the way etc. Once again no rhino. Of course in Siwandu we got out on the water a couple of times, very near to crocs and saw lots of hippo but if I had to chose one location it would be the Serengeti where there were just more animals in larger numbers and of course the ‘crossings’.

Both park camps were 5 star. Kimondo, being semi mobile was a little less luxurious (bucket shower etc) but very comfortable. Siwandu was more like having a large 4 star hotel room with canvas sides and a fabulous location. Staff in both were excellent. Nice surprise in Kimondo was the sunset drinks and in Siwandu the lunch on the boat and the complementary wine from Africa Odyssey (THANK YOU). I would rate Ras Nungui 4.5 stars – the lack of sea swimming and a rather tired bathroom (in our cottage) plus a small problem with room towels causing the slight downgrade.

Thank you once again for a very memorable holiday.

Best regards,


Chubb, 2014, UK

We had a great time and everything went very well.  We were particularly glad to have stayed 4 nights at the Alex Walker Serian camp, not because we saw more animals, but to really appreciate the atmosphere.  Another highlight was our driver/guide from Arusha for 2 nights who was excellent (the one at Serian was not so good, but that was because he was young/less experienced so he just didn’t have the knowledge or language – having said that he was very pleasant and willing so we appreciate that they all have to start somewhere).
Regarding the last beach hotel [Ras Nungwi], the food was fantastic – like going to a good standard restaurant every night.  We probably didn’t appreciate the limitations for swimming in the sea at that hotel, but it wasn’t a particular problem for us, but might be for other guests.  Overall a great choice for relaxing, eating and drinking!
Finally, it was very reassuring to receive an email response from you so quickly when we were there and having problems reconfirming our homeward flight.  Knowing that someone is on hand like that is very reassuring and one of the reasons that we would highly recommend you to others and would look to travel with you again.  (We’ve had more serious problems when we’ve been away in the past ie chile earthquake, cancelled flights, etc, so this is something that we now look for).
We’re looking to go to India next so will certainly look at your sister company for this.

Darbourne, 2014, UK

Hi Tom,

I’m not sure if Lizzie has written to you but I wanted to write and let you know that the trip was a great success.

Your suggestion of Lake Manze was really excellent. We both absolutely loved it and felt that the open nature of the camp really suited the experience. We were hugely comfortable throughout and felt the four days was good value for money. We loved being some close to everything and being totally immersed in the safari experience. I think, if money were no object we could have stayed there for the whole two weeks.

Over on Zanzibar then, again, Sunshine, was a really great choice. We didn’t quite work out that the half board nature of it meant that our evening meal was included! On the first night we headed off to a local restaurant. It was only a small matter as the second night we dined in and I was very delighted when the mega valentines seafood buffet bill arrived at about a tenner each which incuded our wine and drinks etc… It’s a lovely hotel and the local feel was excellent as well. Snorkelling was brill as well.

Nungwi was good fun too. Zanzibar as a whole does have a certain sadness to it I feel. It’s a beautiful place but you really feel that life is hard for many people there…as with Africa as a whole really. The local towns are in quite bad shape and it’s funny to see so many tourists not even keen to leave their hotels at all. The local seafood is definitely a highlight and we ate so well for the fortnight.

We had a brilliant holiday and are both now keen on saving up for our next safari in about ten years time!! Or maybe sooner if some big plays come good.

Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.

Huge reiteration from me Tom, and apologies,…. emailing you to say Thank you has been on my to do list since we got back. I thought it was magical and I couldn’t have imagined how much I loved the safari. Totally worth it and I can’t wait to go back.

We’ll be passing your detail along at dinner parties 🙂 Hope all very well with you and thank you again for your patience and sensible advice!


S. Broeker, 2012 (UK)

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your mail. The trip was absolutely marvellous.

Ras Nungwi
Ras Nungwi on Sanzibar was the perfect place to start our honey moon. Great service and a fantastic atmosphere. The food is great and the scenery is stunning. Also not too expensive.
We strongly recommend this place to everyone!

Selous Safari (private camp)
I don’t believe it gets any better than this. At Selou you get your own buttler and maid. The food is amazing. The staff is extremely friendly without being too on you. As honeyooners they gave us extra attention and organised the most amazing surprise dinner. In general -without giving away too much- these guys are good at surprises.
The game drives are wonderful, too. We saw more animals than we hoped for. The guides were absolute pro. We cried when we had to leave.

Ras Kutani
The setting though is extremely beautiful. On your arrival you’ll be rowed over a little lagoon to the hotel. Very romantic! If you do decide to stay at Ras Kutani you should stay in the villas on top of the hill or in one of the bungolows at the beach.

Overall we had a great time. Everything worked out perfectly!


S. Broeker, 2012 (UK)

L. Wattiau, 2012 (Belgium)

Hi Edward,

We want to thank you very much for the great organization of our honeymoon. Our expectations were high but they were definitely matched and even surpassed. Not only was Tanzania a superb destination, each part of the trip (mountain, safari, Zanzibar) as well as each hotel added value to this unique experience. In each hotel, we were very happy with the room we got (ex: nice terrace with breathtaking view on Mt Meru and surrounding hills in Onsea, bungalow facing the see in Ras Nungwi, room with roof top bathroom in Zanzibar Palace, …)

Climbing up to the top of Mt Meru was certainly not an easy walk (for us) but how rewarding it was to see the sun rising above Mt Kili and the surrounding see of clouds. Definitely worth it…and one of my highlights! (also because it provides the opportunity to walk in the nature vs. sitting in a car most of the time during the safaris )

Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater were amazing but, in our opinion, could not compete with Serengeti where nature is somehow ‘wilder’ and all around you at all time. Also because Serian is just unrivalled…definitely our favorite place during the trip.

With regards to the guides, they were both great in Manyara/Ngorongoro and Serengeti.

We also liked our stay in Zanzibar, very relaxing. We also scuba dived and went on a dolphin trip. This was definitely one of Nathalie’s highlights on Zanzibar. We went to Kizimkazi in the afternoon (instead of the morning as usually done by tourists). Besides two fishermen’s boats, our private boat was the only one out at that time. We actually saw several groups of dolphins and came back to Kizimkazi at sunset.

We are extremely happy of our honeymoon, you really made it a unique experience! All the organization was just perfect (as already mentioned above)…thank you again for that!

Kind regards,

L. Wattiau, 2012

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