One of the best aspects of our work is hearing what you say about it afterwards. Over the years we have enjoyed hugely rewarding feedback, and we have to admit that we are proud of it… look around these pages and you will see why.

We always like to ask is if there is anything that didn’t go as planned or expected, and whilst 99% of our clients return home ecstatic, we are constantly looking for little improvements to push our trips above and beyond the expectations of our clients. Over the past 20 years we have formed exceptional relationships with our suppliers on the ground in the best safari lodges and beach hotels across the continent, and the benefits of these relationships become apparent when you go on an Odyssey trip – the little extras add up and transform your trip past the norm, and into an experience of a lifetime… If you still aren’t convinced, then take a look in our archives dating back 15 years…

We have published our feedback back as far as 2003, categorised by year, (currently about 300 individual client reviews). If you click on the “tag Cloud” to the right you will be able to search by our most reviewed lodges, or alternately, please enter the hotel you are looking for into the search bar.  However, as ever nothing really beats first hand knowledge of these places; there are a lot of lodges out their each with their own idiosyncrasies, so we strongly recommend you give us a call to discuss

We have recently signed up with Trust Pilot – please see our reviews – currently with several hundred of them.  Trust pilot for those of you who do not know it is an independent review site

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