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Serengeti Under Canvas

The Serengeti Under Canvas camps are extremely well run and each tent has beautiful design, with total comfort in mind.  This is still bush camping (bucket showers), but with the flamboyant extras that &Beyond add to all of their properties, such as flush loos and chandeliers; this is mobile camping at its very finest.  And the extras don’t stop here....with each tent being allocated a private butler.  The camps have supreme locations throughout the year for best access to the migration; even covering the June period out in the west which some companies fail to cover.  It is pricey, but when you're there you can really see where the money has gone! 

Serengeti Under Canvas - The Details

Serengeti Under Canvas is a luxury mobile tented camp in the Serengeti National Park in the north of Tanzania which moves location in order to track the wildebeest migration through out the year. The camp moves between Ndutu, Grumeti, Seronera and Kogatende meaning that at any time of the year this camp will be in the best location for game viewing. The camp is always set up within 30 minutes of a bush airstrip making it accessible from Arusha or Manyara taking approximately 2 hours flight on a light aircraft depending on location.
Serengeti Under Canvas has 8 luxury ensuite tents and a main ‘mess tent’ where guests can enjoy some of the finest bush cooking in the Serengeti. Serengeti Under Canvas is owned by &Beyond who have some of the most luxurious properties in Tanzania, this quality is also very evident in these camps too, making it the most luxurious mobile camp in the Serengeti national park.
The en-suite tents are to very high standard; this does not feel like camping! Each tent at Serengeti Under Canvas has a chandelier hanging above the large and extremely comfortable beds which can be arranged as a twin or double. The bathroom at the rear of the tent is a standard toilet and an open air bucket shower which has a capacity of 30 litres of hot water. (larger than the other mobile camps)
The main area is located around the mess tent where you will have your meals and the adjacent tent which acts as the lounge area with comfortable sofas, antiques and books which is ideal place to relax after lunch and chat to your guides before heading out on safari into the Serengeti National Park.
Serengeti Under Canvas offers standard day time game drives in shared vehicles.


Guide Price: $1,245 per person
Price guarantee
Honeymoon Offer: 50% off the bride; 20% off 6 nights or more

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Serengeti - Serengeti Under Canvas. They have a great reputation and their service lived up to it. Our butler, Alex, was quick to prepare a shower and quick to offer a drink (we loved Amarula and Afrikoko liqueurs). Their chef was great.... we especially liked his soup recipes. They varied our eating arrangements to sometimes be at single tables on the lawn to sometimes having all the tables being under the dining fly. There's nothing that can compare to the romantic atmosphere of a gourmet dinner by candlelight in the wilds of the Serengeti. On the downside of Under Canvas.... they are not on top of their maintenance issues. The tent had missing zipper pulls, including the inside pull on the main door/flap, and had zippers that had ripped away from the canvas. The safari vehicles had plastic floor covering that was worn though and cracked. It didn't make the vehicles any less useful, but for the premium price paid for Under Canvas, it would seem they could afford to keep things close to 5-star quality. It also seemed odd that the staff was not as concerned regarding safety issues .... At our other camps, when we were escorted to/from our tents at night, the camp personnel would be shining flashlights / torches into the woods and grass to see if there were any animals and it was obvious that they were watching out for our (and their) safety. At Under Canvas, there did not seem to be any care taken when moving through the camp at night. The butler walked with us with a flashlight, but did not shine it anywhere but on the path, then he walked back to the staff area with no flashlight for himself. We probably wouldn't have noticed, so much, except that at Oliver's, when we were escorted to our tent, when the flashlight was shown through the grass, many eyes were looking back at us. All benign eyes, luckily. Under Canvas had all sorts of animal sounds at night, but the personnel didn't take any extra care to assure anything near our path was benign. Now to the wildlife. You suggested we stay 4 nights in Serengeti to increase the chances of seeing a crossing. Well we got to see wildebeest crossing the Mara River (our guide said 5000 or more) within 2 hours of landing at Kogatende!!!!!! It took our breath away. We had just landed at Kogatende and the guide picking us up said that we should hurry because the wildebeest looked like they were ready to cross, and he asked them to wait for us :) It was awesome. We watched them for a couple of hours gathering to the left, then turning and running to the right bank of the river, going down to the river's edge and then back again. And then all of a sudden one leaped into the river.......and we had a crossing. The vehicles all made a mad dash for the river's edge and for 19 minutes there were wildebeest leaping into the river, being swept downstream against the current, toward hippos and crocs, but from our vantage point able to make it safely to our side of the river. The only sounds were that of wildebeest gruntings and their hoofs pounding along the riverbanks. After 19 minutes all that were going to cross had and there was silence. It was so surreal - we were totally overcome by the moment! Our guide, David was with us for this and all our drives. He was very knowledgeable and really worked hard to find wildlife for us such as lions including cubs, leopard, zebra, impala, buffalo, giraffe, ostrich including nest with eggs, buzzards, kites, eagles, klipspringer, eland, waterbuck, topi, oribi, baby hyena, rock hyrax, grants and thomsons gazelles, even a dung beetle, and on and on and on.

J Brewe
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