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Tsara Komba

Tsara Komba Lodge on Nosy Komba island is about half an hour boat ride from Nosy Be port, and the journey itself is a joy. This channel to Madagascar Mainland is protected by islands, creating a millpond flat sea surface which the boat skims as if flying. The nature of this place is one of ever changing landscapes and horizons, as the light plays tricks against the sea and distant mountain ranges.


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Tsara Komba lodge is the most superb location from which to sit back and soak up that magic.The lodge is beautifully crafted over a private beach, with steps leading up the mountain to eight spacious, private suites. This is a bush lodge, with no air conditioning, but it is mostly cool enough at night, even at the hottest times of year. It has a lofty thatch, billowing nets and outdoor showers, with wide, wooden verandas, comfortable balconies and a distinct charm of its own.
The lodge is simple and yet beautifully furnished, and, with a surprisingly keen focus on the menu as a result of the exacting French owner, every meal is quite delicious. The forest rises up behind, and it is possible to make a couple of treks to a local village, or the very charming Nature Park at the main village at which the lemurs are so habituated to people that they literally flop out of trees to sit on your head. This park is the best place to see the various varieties of lemurs and chameleons, lizards and tortoises that reside in the forest, as wild encounters are rare.
The lodge has many little beaches, surrounded by vast granite and volcanic rocks on which they have constructed wooden walkways and platforms to sunbathe and soak up the view. Swimming is exceptional, the water clear and smooth as a lake most days, with dolphin, whale shark and …. Regularly passing along the channel. Trips from the lodge include seasonal wildlife excursions, good snorkelling at a nearby marine reserve at Tankily island and visits to the village and park mentioned above.
The staff and management are exceptionally welcoming and multi-tasking – the barman will take you snorkelling, the waitress has great massage skills, the boatman will happily pour you a drink. It is a great place, and we highly recommend it. 


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