We believe in the power of the beach, and the Indian Ocean has some of the best in the world. Some of these are even coupled with true stunning accommodation worthy of the finest holiday memories. Barefoot luxury, spa treatments, wildly beautiful beach shelters, private plunge pools and incredible underwater adventures are all on the agenda; the choice is yours. 
The superb quality of Indian Ocean beaches and private Indian Ocean Islands complement any African safari itinerary. These may be easily - or sometimes slightly less easily, depending on your safari options - incorporated into most safari itineraries, and eye-opening diving and snorkelling here can seem to continue your wildlife adventure. Beach accommodation style may be small and simple, chic and exclusive or all-inclusive five star luxury, depending on your preference.

The best African Beaches and Indian Ocean islands for you may depend on an inspiring location, the kids' club, the quality of the petal-strewn spa or the coral reef for diving. It really is worth talking to us to discuss what will suit you best.

Where are the best African Beaches? 

Please do give us a call to see which would suit you the best, but as a brief overview, here are the best African beach countries:
  • Zanzibar - Huge array of accommodation & fantastic activities
  • Mozambique - Undiscovered remote islands, great diving & intimate lodges
  • Kenya - Swahili history, fantastic beach chic-shack hotels
  • Mauritius - The Indian Ocean ideal, bigger hotels, perfect for families
  • Seychelles - Epitome of Indian Ocean luxury, but this comes at a price! 
  • Maldives - Some beautiful spots on the Central, South and North atolls. and luxurious bigger hotels - the Maldives is more for honeymooners, and less for families. 
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    Why choose an African Safari and Beach Package? 

    1.     It is so easily combinable with world class safaris! Where in the world can you be watching a pride of lions hunting in the wild one day, and the next be diving in amazing coral reefs, or even just enjoying the sunshine with an ice cold drink?
    2.     The Indian Ocean is fabulous. The water is warm and inviting, and epitomises the ideal beach getaway. Coupled with white powdery shores, beach time in Africa is unparalleled throughout the rest of the world.
    3.     There are so many options! You can go to private islands or fun chilled out beach spots – there is something to suit everyone. It all depends on what kind of beach experience you are after, your budget and time frame.
    4.     Remote and off beaten track compared to Caribbean, and many other beach destinations – you can often expect to see less tourists here when compared to purely beach destinations. Why not go somewhere completely different for your beach holiday rather than the same old spots?
    5.     Climate! The climate in Africa from East to Southern Africa is fantastic in northern hemisphere summertime. July and August are rightly named the peak season as this is the time to go. In other parts of the world, climates cannot be so good at this prime holiday time of year.  

    How much does it cost to stay on African beaches and islands?

    It is very difficult even to give a rough estimate here as there are so many different options off the coast of Africa. Generally though, accommodation options can range from as little as $140 per person per night, all the way up to $2,000 per person per night. Total costs also depend on where you choose to go. Generally, from mainland Africa and the international airports which come with it, an East Africa beach holiday is the closest and therefore most cost effective option. This is because the islands off Tanzania are extremely accessible and Zanzibar, for instance, is a short flight from Dar es Salaam. However, there may be no need to even enter mainland Africa if you are not considering a short safari add on. There really are too many factors to consider, so for more information please give us a ring to discuss your options.

    When to go to African beaches?

    As previously mentioned, a trip to the beaches of Africa is fantastic in British summer time – June to October. There are other times to go too, so the best thing to do is to give us a call and pick our brains about when is the best time to go where! East Africa is also good in our winter months, making the beaches of Africa pretty much a year-round destination. Whatever the month, rest assured there are white sand beaches, tropical islands and turquoise waters.

    The Best African Indian Ocean experiences 

    1.     Go whale shark diving off the islands of Tanzania… swimming with the biggest fish in the sea seems an irresistible option for those seeking an underwater marine safari!  
    2.     Go all out and choose a private island experience. In our opinion there is nothing more luxurious than having a bit of private beach all to yourself… Not to mention the amazing service, facilities and accommodation that Indian Ocean private islands are so fantastic for.
    3.     Go deep-sea fishing! The Indian Ocean is teeming with colourful marine life, and even if you are not a super keen fisherman this is a great activity to give variety to your beach holiday.
    4.     Choose more intimate lodges, rather than big and soulless hotels. By doing this you will have a much more special and memorable experience – you will also get a more personalised service, which we think can only ever be a good thing.
    5.     Consider combining the beach with safari – especially from East Africa this is so easy, and it would be a shame not to explore the African wilderness when you have travelled all the way there!

    What activities can you do on African beaches?

    Activities on offer vary from place to place, but generally from most beaches you can enjoy snorkelling, diving, water sports, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and boat cruises as well as indulging in a bit of relaxation and spa time… For really keen specialised activity lovers such as whale shark divers and deep sea fishers we recommend getting in touch to chat about the best options for you! 

    The best beaches in Africa - Where to stay for your luxury holiday? 

    Beach accommodation style may be small and simple, chic and exclusive or all-inclusive five star luxury, depending on your preference.

    Mnemba Island is probably one of the most luxurious Africa beach holiday options. As a private island off the coast of Tanzania, you can discover unrivalled exclusivity, complete Indian Ocean tranquillity and white sands forever with a stay at Mnemba Island lodge. Our absolute favourite, if you don’t mind forking out quite a bit of cash.

    Ras Kutani is located on the Tanzanian Indian Ocean Mainland coast. It is our favourite option for a stay on these beaches as the service is truly excellent, and it maintains a safari-esque type of personalised service which many beach lodges and hotels lack. Its owner ran feel, combined with it's mesmerising natural beauty, amazing value for money accommodation and fantastic privacy makes it our favourite East African beach lodge.

    Xanadu is located also off East Africa, on the vibrant and colourful island of Zanzibar. The beauty of Xanadu, apart from its quirky décor and leafy surroundings, lays within the food. It is truly exceptional, and so if should be if their resident chef used to be Michelin star level.

    Generally, we love the Tanzanian coast for an Indian Ocean Holiday because it is so close to the amazing safaris in East Africa. 

    Azura Benguerra is what so many lodges should be. It has been heralded by Mozambican authorities as a model lodge for
    sustainable tourism. The ethical value of this lodge is not the only reason to stay here though, as the pristine environment makes for an excellent beach getaway, not to mention it has all the luxuries and mod cons you could need for an Indian Ocean beach getaway.

    Tsarabanjina is complete Indian Ocean isolation. Off Madagascar, be enchanted by the beautiful shores and glistening seas of the island. It is hard to believe places like this exist, but Tsarabanjina really encapsulates the beach getaway ideal.

    North Island is another remote spot, hundreds of miles away from anything else, this is an island of luxury and complete privacy. It is part of the Seychelles, and definitely our pick of the bunch – from here you will experience a beach holiday like no other. 

    For more information and advice on Africa's best beaches and paradise islands please follow the links to our blogs or get in touch with our award-winning Africa Holiday experts for some travel advice on visiting African beaches.


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