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Hundreds of miles from their nearest neighbours, the Republic of Seychelles comprises 115 islands scattered in the middle of the Indian Ocean, with glorious tropical forests, woodlands and unspoilt beaches. This is an extraordinary archipelago of legendary beauty; a natural paradise of fabulous weather that is free of malarial mosquitoes.  The Seychelles are rightly renowned as an outstanding honeymoon destination.

Our top 5 reasons to book a Seychelles Holiday

1.      The absolutely top reason to visit Seychelles is to walk the path less trodden. If you’ve ever wondered how Robinson Crusoe felt on his own desert island, this is where you can come close to finding out…  But you need to choose your accommodation carefully!
2.      A huge range of stylish accommodation across a plethora of gorgeous islands. Truly unique Seychellois French-colonial style is splashed across lavish 5* luxury and barefoot eco-conscious hotels alike.  Most accommodation options are located on the main island of Mahé, but there are so many islands to choose from, you can be assured that you’ll find one to suit you perfectly.
Choose carefully though - we believe that the very top-end exclusive islands are worth the money, but that the middle bracket in the Seychelles is expensive for the quality on offer. .
3.      There is a reason why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose the Seychelles for their honeymoon, and there’s a reason why their North Island accommodation is some of the most expensive in the world at around $7k per night.  It’s all about opulence - but at the same time it’s all about conservation, too.  Clever.
4.      The Seychelles’ six national marine parks boast an incredible array of outstanding marine life, including the largest population of Aldabra giant tortoises, whale sharks, hawksbill turtles, stingrays, puffer fish and much else besides.
5.      Creole cuisine is genuinely extraordinary, and the fusions that you’ll find throughout the islands will thrill even the most sophisticated taste buds.

Map of Seychelles

Map of Seychelles Seychelles - Mahe Seychelles - Praslin Seychelles - Other Islands Seychelles - Other Islands?0 Seychelles - Other Islands?1 Seychelles - Other Islands?2 Seychelles - Other Islands?3

Seychelles Holidays: when to visit

The Seychelles is all about the beach and, happily, the climate is absolutely ideal for this purpose pretty much all year round.  The temperature sits at around 28°C and there is a gentle sea breeze – absolute heaven, in our opinion!
It does rain in the Seychelles, so you might prefer to avoid the rainy season of December to March; however the rain is intermittent and short-lived (it doesn’t drizzle all day like it can in the UK) and we don’t find it a problem. December to March can also be windier than average, however strong winds (cyclones) tend not to affect most of the Seychelles.
A final consideration is the ocean currents. Many of the Seychelles’ beaches are affected by strong currents which can detract from the swimming and diving experience, and can also wash up seaweed.  Luckily this is only a localised problem so we can help you to avoid both seaweed and strong currents whenever you travel..

Seychelles Holidays: where to stay

We tend to recommend that you spend some time on one of the main islands, either Praslin for the rainforest and coco de mer, or Mahe, with its sumptuous luxury suite style hotels, such as the Banyan Tree or Maia.

If you’re looking for serious where’s-my-chopper luxury, then you should consider the exclusive delights of a private island such as Denis, Desroches, Fregate, or if budget permits the Royal Honeymoon location - North Island.
Before deciding where to stay in Seychelles, consider the range of landscapes and experiences, from the elegance of the granitic islands, with their distinctive rock formations rising from a crystal sea, to the impressive drama of the volcanic islands, and the remote appeal of the outer islands. A combination of these can make for a diverse and memorably superb beach holiday.
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Our favourite Seychelles hotels

Other great Indian Ocean beaches

Seychelles: getting around

As the Seychellois have adopted a low-impact, high quality tourism philosophy, the transport options on offer are limited; reaching the islands from Mahé tends to be by private charter.

The Seychelles are also pretty hard to get to from an international perspective as there are currently no direct flights, but Air Kenya flies from London via Nairobi, for those seeking to tie in an East African safari.

Seychelles: some background

Falling in the path of a key shipping route for the lucrative spice trade, the Seychelles were colonised relentlessly, from French rule in the early 16th century, through a brief period of self-rule in the 18th century, to British rule in the 19th and 20th centuries, before attaining independence in 1976.  Today the Seychelles is an independent republic within the Commonwealth.
Despite its rocky political history, the Seychelles remains a calm and stable country.  Although there was predictably a period of unrest (a few coups, an exile or two) following the changes to the constitution, since the early 1990s the Seychelles has operated a well-functioning democracy.

The Seychelles archipelago has a cluster of inner, ‘granitic’ islands clustered around Mahé, and the capital, and its satellites Praslin and La Digue. These inner islands form the cultural and economic hub of the nation and contain the majority of Seychelles’ tourism spots as well as its most renowned beaches. . . It is worth noting that ALL the Seychelles beaches are public, and only the most remote and inaccessible sands will be deserted.

Unique in geography, climate and also culture, these islands have a wildly colourful storybook history of spies, pirates and shipwrecked sailors that has brought about the integration of European, African, Indian, Arab and Chinese islanders with a heady Creole culture.
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