Mozambique is a beautiful country most famous for its spectacular white sand beaches – indisputably some of the very finest in the whole of Africa and as such it offers a really world-class beach getaway.

Where is Mozambique? 

A former Portuguese colony, Mozambique is bordered by Tanzania to the north, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa. It sits on the east coast of the continent which has some glorious beach spots as it spans a huge section of the east Indian Ocean coastline of Africa.The capital of Mozambique is Maputo but the beauty of the country really does lie in the beaches. Mozambique works well with holiday packages including a southern Africa safari. Please see  below for a detailed map of Mozambique. 


The Quirimbas Archipelagos and Bazaruto Archipelagos are chains of tiny islands with world-class African beaches and superbly unspoilt, thriving coral reefs with some charming beach lodges. There could be no better location for a relaxing beach honeymoon or just an off the beaten track beach holiday.

For the Bazaruto Archipelago, we would recommend if you stay on Bazaruto Island to use this as a base to explore the surrounding coral reefs and little tropical islands. In general, the Mozambican archipelagos are not a place to simply laze around in your beach hotel, but more a place to go and find some private island experiences and laze around on sandy beaches further from home.

Additionally now there are some first class hotels on the Mozambique mainland such as White Pearl resort. The Mozambique mainland coast has mile upon mile of rugged, wild beaches and a couple of naitonal parks. 

For a summary of the Best places to stay in Bazaruto Archipelago, please follow this link, or alternatively for a summary of the Best places to stay in Quirimbas Archipelago, please follow this link.

What to see in Mozambique? 

At present the game viewing on offer here does not compare to that available elsewhere in Africa so we do not currently offer Mozambique safaris in game reserves there. However it may be that Mozambique may develop its safari offering and it may become one of the conservation successes of the future - we are keeping our eye on it!

As far as beaches go though, Mozambique islands offer a slice of Indian Ocean paradise, great beach resorts with much vibrant life to see beneath the surface of the sea with fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving, and on the sandy shores, simply relax and soak in the Indian Ocean rays.

Is Mozambique safe? 

Yes, Mozambique is safe and it is a fantastic holiday destination for those who want to escape the crowds without going to one of the main African beach tourist hubs like Zanzibar. If you are ever unsure or have any concerns about certain countries though, please see the foreign office website. Alternatively, just give us a call and we would be happy to give you the low-down. 


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