Really want to go on a big and special holiday this year, but don’t know where to start? Once you have visited Africa, it will become part of you. There is a reason why people return again and again to this hypnotic land of natural splendour, unbelievable wildlife and colourful culture.
Combinable with a dreamy Indian Ocean beach getaway on the shores and islands off this diverse and intriguing continent, an Africa safari vacation seems to have it all. Seclusion in the wilderness and relaxation in the sunshine, or adventuring in the wilderness and soaking up the sunshine by the Indian Ocean; whatever your style, we can guarantee that Africa will cater for it with confidence and flair. 

Why should I go on an African Vacation?  

Variety. Within your safari and outside the national parks and reserves, there is so much to be enjoyed here. Nowhere else in the world can you have such a high quality safari and beach holiday. 
Accommodation quality. Africa is famed for its safari-esque hospitality. For those who haven’t been before, this means exceptional and personalised service, creating a really friendly, cosy owner-ran atmosphere. You can’t get this luxury in so many shapes and forms anywhere in the world as you can in Africa. 
Culture. Africa is hugely culturally rich in its people and traditions. You can spend a lot of time talking with the staff at the lodges and learning their local language if you like – there is so much opportunity to learn here! Due to the extremely high levels of hospitality, and the friendly demeanour of the locals, a trip to Africa can be as culturally enlightening as you choose. 
Africa offers a truly one of a kind experience. There are some things you can do in Africa which the rest of the world simply cannot match. Take the dramatic Victoria Falls, beautiful Ngorongoro Crater, or the spectacular Great Migration of 1.5 million wildebeest… Where else in the world can you witness the world’s greatest existing natural event on the planet, all done in the wilderness with a glass of prosecco and a breakfast spread fit for kings?
If you go, you will become an addict. Anyone who loves safaris will tell you there is no feeling quite like sitting watching the sun set, with crickets buzzing – the memorable and nostalgic African landscape – and with unbelievable wildlife freely roaming all around. If you do become an addict, then it really doesn’t matter, because no holiday is the same when the unpredictable and bountiful African wilderness is your oyster. 

All about visiting Africa


Our Top 5 Africa destinations

1) If you are looking for a combination of incredible safari and beautiful white beaches, then Tanzania should without a doubt be your first choice. We think that the most spoiling of these itineraries is a trip to the wondrous and wild Serengeti to witness the formidable Great Migration of wildebeest, then to the raw and isolates Ruaha for complete seclusion and luxury in the wilderness, before ending your trip on to the sandy shores of the Indian Ocean nirvana that is Mnemba Island.
2) Float around one of the world's best safari destinations, in the tranquil and beautiful Okavango Delta, teeming with life and Botswana's crowning jewel, before hopping over to the dramatic and iconic Victoria Falls for a bit of safari rest bite. A fantastic combination for anyone to enjoy. 
3) Raw and authentic Zambia with its exciting and active safari activities is really fantastic to combine with Lake Malawi for some unique beachy relaxation, in the middle of the African bush.
4) South Africa and Mauritius is an amazing combination, especially for families as depending on where you go, you can get away with a non-malarial medicated trip. Not to mention that they are both extremely luxurious and spoiling destinations for a magnificent safari and incredible beaches.
5) Tanzania and Rwanda offer a first class Africa safari holiday itinerary. Begin your journey in Rwanda, trekking the rare and unbelievable mountain gorillas, which will offer you an extremely grounding and special experience. Then, move on to Tanzania for world class safari and pristine beaches. What more could you want? 

Planning your Africa vacation | Where to go? 

Planning your African safari can be a daunting undertaking. There are so many countries and types of safari to choose from, all with their own character and something slightly different to offer.

So where to start? Please see our detailed African Safari Guide, but in summary, factors to consider include your travel dates (and thus climate), the composition of your travelling party (any children?), your budget, the types of activities you would like to experience, the type of safari accommodation you would prefer (permanent lodge / tent), and the remainder of your itinerary (Cape Town / Victoria Falls/ safari and beach combination).

The ideal way to sort through all the options is by talking to us, whether over the phone, by a virtual presentation which simply requires you to be sitting in front of a computer or ideally face-to-face over coffee at our offices in Putney, London. However, for those who like to do lots of online research themselves, this website will help you to start thinking about your Africa safari holiday – all the information given here has been written by us, so it is absolutely impartial, though we do have strong opinions!

What kind of people does an African Vacation cater for best?

The range of Africa's majestic wildlife and scenery are truly breath-taking; most visitors are absolutely captivated and find that one visit simply isn't enough. Many travellers find themselves drawn back year after year for another fix of grand wilderness and nature at its biggest and rawest - and no two visits to Africa are ever the same!  Each trip is a truly memorable experience.  As such, Africa is an outstanding destination for honeymooners with adventurous spirits.  Especially popular are honeymoon itineraries which combine a safari adventure with some relaxing down-time on a glorious Indian Ocean beach.  
Families can also be catered for brilliantly - if you choose your itinerary carefully, Africa can provide fantastic shared family experiences and memories for a lifetime.  A wide range of activities are available to suit all tastes (both while on safari and separately), including bush walking, horse riding, fishing, boating, hot air ballooning, diving, kite surfing, shark cage diving and swimming with dolphins...
We are absolutely passionate about Africa and about introducing others to this wonderful continent.  Whatever stage you are at in considering your African adventure, come and talk to us about all the various options...  We love nothing more than creating fabulous itineraries which suit each individual client perfectly.

What are the standards of accommodation like in Africa? 

There is usually a good range of accommodation to choose from according to your budget and personal taste, including mobile safari camps, small tented camps, permanent safari lodges, large hotels, and luxury safari lodges. Tented safari camps are often still extremely luxurious (often with private plunge pools and all the mod cons you could ever wish for), though the semi-permanent mobile safari camps that track the path of the migration are a little more basic. For beach holidays, we generally prefer the more botiquey options as opposed to the big hotels, but everything depends on you! This is where we come in to tailor itineraries completely to the individual makeup of your party and expectations. As a rule of thumb tailoring a safari holiday to suit you will cost no more than a package safari tour. Please see our Africa Safari page for more detailed information on the accommodation options you can expect on safari. 

How much does an Africa Safari Holiday cost? How long should I go for? 

Safari is considerably more expensive than time on a beach, and as a general rule, safari is more expensive in Southern Africa (approx. $700-$1,500 per person per night) than in East Africa (approx. $400-$1,000 per person per night). We generally recommend between 3 and 6 nights on safari – you need long enough to 'get' the experience, but safari can be tiring (early starts, long distances, lots of time in the vehicle) and you don't want to get safari-ed out. You will need to weigh up safari against the rest of your itinerary, and decide how to split both your time and budget between them. 

When is the best time to take an Africa Safari Holiday? 

Africa is basically an all year destination, however when to go very much depends on what you are looking at doing/seeing, and of course, where you are thinking of going. Avoid Eastern Africa Safari Holidays in April and May, as this is the rainy season so if you are looking for beach time then this may not be so pleasant! However, if you are looking for true safari adventure and don’t mind getting stuck in the mud every now and then, you can still have an amazing Africa holiday for hugely more reasonable low season prices. The best time for safari and beach is generally between June and October, as this is the dry season where the temperature is hot for your relaxation in the sunshine, and also for the animals which will be easier to find at this time of year. However, the Great Migration is calving in February – so this is also an incredible time to visit! For Southern Africa safari itineraries, their winter is our summer, and this is generally the best time to visit, but with so many countries there are so many different options here! 
The best thing to do is to talk to us, and we can advise you depending on your specific requirements. Please see our when to go page for more details on the specific countries. 

Top 5 Africa Holiday tips

1) Don’t try and do too much! Africa is a huge continent, and it can be tempting to do everything on your holiday. However, especially when safaris are involved, things can get tiring with lots of action packed game drives and early starts. You want to avoid long and frequent flights, so not to get tired, waste your holiday in the air and waste money that could be better spent on better quality accommodation! 
2) Mix up your activities. The beauty of Africa is that you can do beach, driving safari, walking safari, riding safari and then back to the beach if you like! Whatever your itinerary, mix it up so every day is new, exciting and fresh so you make the most of this amazing continent. 
3) Don’t be blasé on your accommodation choices. We think that the beauty of an Africa Safari Holiday lies within its indescribable atmosphere, as well as many other huge draws such as wildlife of course! So although you may think ‘all I need is somewhere to base myself to see wildlife’ or ‘I just want to be on the beach and I don’t care about what hotel I am in’… think again. We think accommodation really needs to compliment your overall experience, and with our great deals we have with many camps and lodges, you may be surprised with the quality of accommodation you can get for your money. Say no to big soulless hotels which are better fitted to Canary Warf, and not the authentic African bush!
4) Make sure you are correctly vaccinated before your trip. As with any holiday, this is very important. We could recommend on any African trip taking malaria pills, apart from in specific areas of South Africa. Also Kenya needs yellow fever certificates, so if you are even overnighting in Nairobi for one day, this is very important. Give us a ring and we can tell you exactly what you will need for your trip. 
5) Depending on the composition of your party, you may be eligible for special offers which we can get for you from the camps and lodges. For example, often kids go free or 50% reductions and honeymooners, or particularly big parties can often get amazing deals. 

Top 5 activities to do on an Africa safari vacation 

The types of activities available while on safari vary slightly between countries and areas. Please do us a ring and ask us about your options or your particular interest, but as a taster, here are a few of our favourite activities to be enjoyed on an Africa Safari Holiday…
1) Gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda has to be up there with the most awe-inspiring nature experiences in the world. You will simultaneously be humbled by their human-like nature and intimidated by their immense strength. Nothing quite compares to this, and if you are after a truly memorable and spoiling Africa Safari Holiday to treasure forever then this must sit at the top of your list. 
2) If you can’t get enough of safari when on your relaxing beach extension, then why not continue the wildlife watching under the turquoise veil of the Indian Ocean. The most amazing opportunity to snorkel with, quite literally, the biggest fish in the sea sits just off the coast of Tanzania on Mafia Island. If you are big into snorkelling then this is an absolute must-do. 
3) Nothing in the world quite compares to sleeping under the stars, with only a mosquito net between you and the big, wide and unruly African wilderness. Not on everyone’s hit list, but if you love a sense of adventure and are seduced by Africa’s unique nature, then this is the best way to immerse yourself fully into the wild.  
4) For those who really appreciate the finer things in life, take a helicopter ride over one of the 7 wonders of the world, the mighty Victoria Falls. Very popular with honeymooners, this is one of those places that make you very glad to be alive on planet earth, and what better way to see it than in the privacy of your own helicopter from above? 
5) And now for something completely different… If you love isolation and calming countryside, but fancy a city break as well, then there is no place as diverting and fabulous as Cape Town. Enjoy world class food in Michelin star restaurants before heading to the Wine Regions after a short drive to sip on some of the best vino you will ever taste. Foodies love Cape Town, and so does everyone else! 

Further details about visiting Africa: 

Between us here in our office we have visited almost every safari lodge, hotel or camp in Africa that is worth talking about so the best way to book an Africa Safari is to get in touch and have a chat with us. Email us on or call through on 1866 356 4691 or the UK on 020 8704 1216. 


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