Family Safari Holidays

With lodges and camps beginning to focus their attention specifically on families and children, a family safari has never been a better idea than it is today. A safari really is the ultimate family holiday - adventurous, personalised, comfortable and exciting - all ages will be captivated by the outstanding African wildlife. In our opinion, safari is the best family holiday for ensuring everyone, big and small, goes home with reluctance and fond memories lasting a lifetime. 
Make the most of our extensive experience of putting together ultimate family itineraries, with a range and balance of activities, child-friendly guides and private accommodation. We have narrowed down our favourites for families to a fairly select portfolio that we can properly guarantee. After all, every family is unique, and by booking with us you ensure that your trip is completely tailored to your specific family dynamics and needs. 

Where to go for an African Family Safari

African Safaris with the family  

Planning your African safari itinerary is very dependant on your particular family's interests, but also the age of your children. You have a pretty big scope of choices where older children are involved (16+), as throughout Africa they can enjoy any activities, though some National Parks have activity restrictions so be careful where you choose if you want a varied safari. Younger children can sometimes be restricted in the activities they can do, for example, a walking safari however, all ages really enjoy game viewing which is why a safari is such an amazing multi generational family adventure 

Another thing to consider is that young children will get tired from early starts - a safari is not the most relaxing of holidays. A few days can be enough for really young children. Equally important in our opinion, is a post-safari beach extension in order to give variety for the children, as well as grabbing some rest and recuperation before the outbound flight.

East Africa Family Safari Vs Southern Africa 

East Africa includes Uganda, Rwanda (both offering amazing gorilla trekking for the older families), Tanzania and Kenya. 

Our pick of the bunch for a less specialised and safari/beach holiday is Kenya and Tanzania. When compared to Southern Africa itineraries, East Africa is more cost effective. Flights are easier and cheaper to the beach and they are really spectacular safari destinations with or without family! Kenya and Tanzania are really old safari hats, so have pretty much perfected the family safari game drives and experiences for youngsters.

Saying this, some may prefer Southern Africa even though beaches are slightly less accessible. Southern Africa is composed of Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia. For teens, Zambia or Botswana would provide a truly unforgettable safari experience For teens, Zambia or Botswana would provide a truly unforgettable safari experience for the whole family (but this is also for those with slightly deeper pockets!). Zambia is truly perfect for older children with a sense of adventure, and all of these southern Africa countries can be combined with the fabulous Cape Town which is an unbelievable destination for teens.

10-12 year olds really suit exciting big five game drives in Tanzania and Kenya in The Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Maasai Mara Game Reserve, as well as Botswana. Botswana offers incredibly intimate and tailor-made safari lodges in the Okavango Delta, which will really go that extra mile to ensure your child's every need is catered for. For children under 10's there are a number of options, of which South Africa is probably the best as some safari areas are malaria-free (namely Madikwe).

Family safari inspiration 

Where should you go? The options are so varied! You can trek the rare and magnificent mountain gorillas of Uganda, get a birds eye view of Tanzania by hot -air-balloon over the Serengeti, climb the formidable Mount Kilimanjaro, canoe down the Zambezi River in Zambia, or go camping under the stars in Namibia - there is so much opportunity for adventure on this vast, diverse and wild continent. 

The most family friendly lodges in Africa

Hand Picked Family Itineraries

How much does an African safari cost? 

Prices vary all over Africa, but lodges can start from around $450 all the way up to $2,000 per adult per night. Often, it is worth taking into account that many lodges offer special deals for children such as 50% off and so on... Ask us for the best deals! Generally speaking, you can get a slightly better value for money family safari in either Kenya or Tanzania, when compared to Zambia and Botswana. 

Top 5 Tips for planning a Family Safari

  • Take some time to recover from your flight before or/and after your safari! It is so important for kids not to be tired going into a safari, as you really want to make the most of your quality time in the bush. 
  • We know where the best tents and rooms are for families so make sure you ask us about interconnecting rooms to ensure you can all be under one canvas! 
  • Keep variety in your safari! Ask us about going to parks and camps which offer some variety, such as night drives, walking (depending on the age of your child), boating and maybe even horse riding. 
  • Look at safaris during half term instead of in the summer months which are peak season, so naturally a lot more costly. 
  • We would definitely recommend a private vehicle. This way, your family can have freedom and will not get twitchy if you have another passenger who loves birds, when your kids just want to see a lion! 

Is it safe to take children on safari? 

Of course, when you are in the bush there are potential dangers particularly because it is home to wild animals. The freedom of the animals is what makes a safari so special, which is why they do roam around. However, camps have very stringent policies to make sure guests are very safe. As long as you listen to staff and your guide, then you will be perfectly safe. We only work with very well established safari camps and lodges, all of which have impeccable safety records. 

Adventure Family Safari Vs Luxury Family Safari 

You can be as adventurous as you like when travelling with older children, enjoying all the safari activities in the world! Walking is a particularly special experience, as you really get to see the nature and animals from a completely different perspective than you do in a vehicle. However, there are walking age restrictions in many camps across the continent. So, if you have a really young child then we would recommend a jeep safari. If your budget can afford it, then the luxury options really do cater for youngsters extremely well, so this is definitely worth looking at too. 

Further details:

Between us here in our office we have visited almost every lodge of hotel in East and Southern Africa that is worth talking about, and re-visit regularly to see what's changed. The best way to book a family safari is to get in touch and have a chat with us, or come in and see us in our Putney office. Email us on [email protected] or give us a call from the US on 186 6356 4691 or the UK on 020 8704 1216. 

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I have been meaning to send you a note but have been so busy since we got back.  The trip was AWESOME!  It exceeded all of our expectations and was a fantastic family experience that we will remember forever! I actually logged into your site this weekend as I was planning on writing a review on your company but then got distracted.  I have full intention of writing a review for you, as well as the places we stayed – which were all great.
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