Namibia Safari Holidays

Namibia should not be considered primarily as a wildlife destination, but rather a country of spectacular landscapes and scenery, with the potential to see some remarkable wildlife adapted to the extraordinary environment here, including desert elephant and desert rhino. Namibia is also home to the largest population of cheetah in Africa.
Although not Namibia's main attraction, there is certainly plenty of wildlife to be seen.  Etosha National Park is home to plenty of big African game, including lions, elephant, giraffe and big herds of grazers.  However, as Namibia's premier wildlife destination, the park is popular and can get congested.  Slightly oddly, in our view, it has active waterholes which are floodlit at night in order to facilitate viewing from neighbouring lodges.

Some of our Favourite Namibia Safari Lodges

In the heart of Kaokoland and Damaraland can be found Namibia's specially desert-adapted elephant.  Their feet are larger than those of the standard African elephant for ease of walking on the soft desert sand, their trunks are longer to allow them to dig down into the sand in search of water, and, in stark contrast to other elephants, they can survive drinking water only every 3-4 days.  Damaraland's desert-adapted black rhino can also survive drinking only every few days.  For marine wildlife viewing, whale watching is available from Swakopmund.

Namibia Safari Highlights

1.      The landscapes are huge and – literally – breathtaking.  Furthermore, the variety is remarkable – enormous red sand dunes, German colonial architecture, a crashing Atlantic coastline, dense green bush and impressive wildlife, all in one itinerary…
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When to go to on safari

Namibia’s temperature is consistently pleasant and it rains infrequently, so this is a destination suitable for year-round travel.  Having said that, between December and March the days are likely to be more humid and you may find some short thunderstorms, particularly in the east.
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Itinerary Suggestions

We would recommend starting off in Sossusvlei for the iconic red dunes, some of which stand over 1000 feet tall.  Then up the dramatic Skeleton Coast to Damaraland for its haunting scenery and specially-adapted desert elephant and desert rhino, ending up at Serra Cafema.  This is not an itinerary for the faint-hearted as it is incredibly remote and takes a bit of planning to get there, but the rewards are absolutely worth it.
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Although we tailor-make all our trips we have reproduced a number of popular itineraries here

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Map of Namibia

Map of Namibia Namibia - Sossusvlei Namibia - Etosha Namibia - Skeleton Coast Namibia - Damaraland
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