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Luxury African Safari Holiday Vacations and Tours

An African safari is an adventure quite unlike any other - and each safari holiday is different.  Awe-inspiring African wilderness, spectacular landscapes, magnificent wildlife (both big and small), sundowners in the bush, evenings by the campfire, nights under canvas listening to the roar of lions and the cackling of hyenas...  Africa is a world apart; it envelops visitors with its magic and touches their souls. 
Scroll down for everything you need to know about African Safaris including the best safaris, where to stay, when to go, safari costs, accommodation options and how to begin planning your safari with the Africa specialists. 

the best safaris in africa


  • Botswana: The beautiful and watery Okavango Delta, the big 5 in private reserves and uber-luxury African safari accommodation. The creme de la creme of luxury African safaris. 
  • Tanzania: The famous Serengeti and the Great Wildebeest Migration, The Ngorongoro Crater, the wild southern parks of Ruaha & the Selous, chimp trekking in the Mahale Mountains and excellent Indian Ocean beach options. The most diverse of countries suiting many different travellers. 
  • Zambia: Walking safaris in the South Luangwa Valley and boating on the mighty Zambezi as well as the famous Victoria Falls. Zambia is rustic, wild and full of surprises for those who are after something a little different. 
  • Kenya: Activities galore in Laikipia, the famous Masai Mara all in the country where safari began. For a classic, timeless safari experience Kenya is your country. 
  • ZimbabweHwange National Park . With world-class wildlife in quiet areas at unbelievable value and with the best guides on the continent, Zimbabwe is Africa's best kept safari secret. 
  • South AfricaPhinda Reserve offers exclusivity with the bonus of the fabulous Cape Town nearby. If you are looking for a more cosmopolitan experience with a vast array of activities, then South Africa should be on your hit-list. 

    Simply give us a ring for a chat if you’re unsure which country is for you – this is by far the best way to narrow down your options.

  • African Safari tours

    The range of possibilities for your African safari is immense, depending on various factors including your required activities, preferred accommodation style, travel dates and budget. Each itinerary is very carefully tailor-made to each client's specific requirements.  As a result, our itineraries vary enormously. Whether your budget is $4,000 or $30,000... We have a range of appropriate options for all. 

    We strongly recommend you pick up the phone to discuss your safari plans with us; it is worth mentioning any artistic, sporting or cultural special interests early in planning process! For more information on possible itineraries, please see our itineraries page

    For further guidance on how to best plan your Africa safari, please see our blog with Africa Odyssey’s useful tips of things to consider when planning your dream safari.

    East Africa Safari Vs. Southern Africa Safari 

  • East Africa includes UgandaRwanda (both offering amazing gorilla trekking safaris), Tanzania and Kenya.
  • Southern Africa is composed of BotswanaZambiaZimbabweSouth Africa and Namibia.

  • Both a Southern Africa and an East Africa luxury safari experience will be an exceptional one. Your decision is wholly dependent on your preferences and expectations of your safari. Both have amazing wildlife sighting opportunities, spoiling accommodation and spectacular scenery. For an in depth guide to deciding between East and Southern Africa, please see our blog post, East Africa vs Southern Africa safari. Alternatively, see the different experiences offered in each below...  

    East Africa Safari Highlights:

  • Gorilla Trekking – This unforgettable and singular wildlife experience is only available in Uganda and Rwanda
  • Easily combinable with the beach – The tropical Zanzibar and beautiful Kenyan Coastline offers an exceptional safari and beach combination. 
  • The Great Wildebeest Migration – In Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti, this natural spectacle can be seen nowhere else in Africa. 

  • Southern Africa Safari Highlights:

  • Private concessions – As opposed to national parks, there is the option of a more exclusive safari experience in Southern Africa. See the Okavango Delta; arguably the premium Africa safari park (there is some private concessions in Tanzania but at a huge cost!)
  • Diverse attractions - With exceptional walking safaris in Zambia, boating safaris on the Zambezi, as well as bungee jumping at Victoria Falls and the cosmopolitan Cape Town; a Southern Africa trip can be very diverse and caters for a huge range of special interests... 

  • How to combine an African Safari with the beach?

    On an East Africa safari, beach extensions couldn’t be easier! You have the expansive Indian Ocean Mainland with some fantastic lodges, and of course, our favourite the colourful and vibrant Zanzibar Island with all its charisma bundled into some charming boutique hotels. Zanzibar is our pick for variety in accommodation, beautiful beaches, pristine waters and of course, the collection of fantastic under water safaris and over water activities to be enjoyed! There is also Pemba and Mafia islands, for the real diving enthusiasts out there. 

    Southern Africa safaris can be nicely wrapped up with a bit of downtime in the wondrous Cape Town, or Victoria Falls – completely unique spots to Southern Africa. The coast of Mozambique offers some really beautiful and luxurious beach spots, and further afield as does the Seychelles though both are a bit of a trek to get to! You can also consider Lake Malawi which gives you a really beachy experience, but one that depending on where you are, could only be a short hop away from your safari. 

    best african safari lodges

    best african Safari Parks


    How much does a luxury African Safari cost?

    The minimum cost of an African safari really depends on your time frame, where you choose to go and the style of accommodation you are after. Probably the minimum cost we quote is around $4000 per person excluding international flights in order to have a worthwhile safari experience. When safari is concerned… there really is no maximum! The best thing to do if you are not sure is to ring us, and we can advise you on which country suits your budget and interests the most. We have been working with lodges and camps in Africa for around 20 years now, so have formed extremely good relationships with the companies, meaning we can offer some really great deals to keep the cost of your trip down. 

    When is the best time for an Africa Safari? 

    As with most African holidays, the best time to go on an Africa Safari is usually during the winter months between June and October. This is the dry season when the weather is great, and as the bush becomes less dense and water scarce, it is easier to spot the wildlife coming to drink at the waterholes. Other times are really dependent on the country as Africa is a huge continent! For example, February is a fantastic time to go and see the Great Migration in Tanzania as it is calving season and just outside the dry season is the best time to go to Botswana, as low season prices make the whole trip hugely less expensive… As you can see, there are pros and cons with every season in Africa! Please see our when to go page for more information, or better still, give us a ring and have a chat through your different options. 

    What activities can I do on safaris in Africa?

    Depending on the country and area you are visiting, and your own preferences, your safari might include 4x4 driving expeditions, walking, boating in motor boats or man-powered mokoros, or watching wildlife from horseback or a hot air balloon! We have highlighted many of the individual options on our activities page, but do let us know your interests and preferences at the outset. 

    Driving Safaris:

    We specialise in private safaris, either with your own driver-guide or as a morning or afternoon safari expedition from your lodge or camp.  Some camps encourage very early morning starts, with a drive lasting a few hours, returning to the lodge for lunch or staying out with a picnic. Invariably the wildlife action and interest of the landscape is such that the time flies. Different parks and reserves have their own rules and regulations; in Tanzania, for example, there are predominantly closed-sided vehicles in the north of Tanzania, and open-sided vehicles in the south. In the South Luangwa in Zambia they have open-sided vehicles and the option of night drives. 

    Walking Safaris:

    In our opinion, walking safaris offer a really exciting and different way to experience the African bush and wildlife from. On foot, not in the cosy confides of a vehicle, suddenly everything feels more real. You are on a par with your other four-legged friends, which give a particularly raw safari experience. It is also a fantastic way to explore the things you don’t see as much of from the vehicle, such as botany and various tracks.  
    Please see our activities page for more details about enjoying the best of the African wilderness on foot. It is a joy to walk in such glorious natural landscapes, but obviously great care must be taken depending on just how much wildlife you may encounter on the way! 

    Luxury African safari accommodation 

    The essence of the safari experience is obviously the spectacular African wilderness and wildlife - but your accommodation is a big part of the experience too. Your safari can be simple and rustic (bucket showers, no electricity), or fantastically luxurious, chic and stylish (with fine wines and dining, spa treatments and every comfort), with lots of options in between...

    Our general go-to distinctions between our preferred lodge styles are uber-luxury costing up to $3,000 pppn, luxury costing around $1,300 pppn, barefoot luxury costing around $900 pppn, authentic with a splash of luxury costing upwards from $600 pppn and rustic, bona fide safari camps which cost up from around $400 pppn.

    Please note this is such a rough guide! Depending where you are in Africa, what time of year and special offers available these prices can fluctuate so much – so don’t take this too literally!

    The terminology for all the accommodation options on safari can be confusing! Here is our quick rundown on our safari accommodation guide blog post.

    Luxury Africa safari packages with Africa Odyssey

    Unlike other types of holiday, safaris in Africa are completely taken care of throughout the planning (if you are with us!), and from the moment the aeroplane hits the ground and you inhale that first dose of African air, you know you do not have to worry about logistics one bit. Everything is prearranged by us, the lodges and the airlines. Essentially, everyone has organised the boring stuff for you. All you really have to think about is catching your outbound international flight and having the holiday of a lifetime!

    Africa Safari further details:

    If you are looking for further reading check out our blog - here are some useful hints and tips on planning your dream African safari and also the best safari camps on the continent in our blog. 

    Between us here in our office we have visited almost every safari lodge or camp in Africa that is worth talking about so the best way to book an Africa Safari is to get in touch and have a chat with us. 

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