Almost the exact definition of off the beaten track getting to and around is an adventure in itself.  The Congo and Odzala offers a unique opportunity to view lowland gorillas and forest elephants. 
Formerly a French colony, The republic of Congo (known as Congo-Brazzaville) sits on the north bank of the Congo River (to the south sits DRC). The capital is named after the 19th century explorer Pierre Savargnan de Brazza.  This now calm country is rapidly developing due to its significant oil wealth, and with this the tourism, and what is said to become Africa’s leading eco-tourism sector are growing.   
In Congo’s remote north-west region lies the Odzala-Kokoua National Park.  It is so large it would take you six-months to walk round it.  This rainforest is made up of two “bais” or salines, the Lekoli and the Kokoua which bring life to the green land.  Amongst the forest elephants, birds and monkeys live the Western Lowland gorillas.


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