Kigali, Rwanda

Coming from a recent, very difficult past, Kigali has become a leading African city and a very interesting place to visit. Unlike a lot of overcrowded and congested East African cities, Kigali is peaceful, clean and very inviting. It is a very safe city which can be explored on foot, or if you have a limited time then take a tour and make sure that you visit some of the fascinating sights that it has to offer. 
Kigali is historically, and still often, only visited as a logistical necesssity on the way or way back from visiting the Mountain Gorillas in the North of Rwanda. But Kigali is more and more becoming a destination in its own right, and is well worth stopping for a couple of nights.

Top of anyones list here should be the genocide museum, which provides a real insight into just how incredible it is that Rwanda has recovered so quickly and so strongly from it's shocking recent history. There are also other genocide memorial sights nearby such as Nyamata Church, as well as art galleries, other museums and some superb restaurants. It is one of the most interesting cities in Africa to visit, and a few days here with a good guide will stay with you long after you leave. 

Kigali - Where to stay

There are some beautiful big luxury hotels in Kigali, although it does lack any good small boutique lodge options. The best place to stay is the Serena, a typical 5 star city hotel, it's big but has managed to maintain some traditional charm and elegance. The newest offering is the Marriott, seriously luxurious but feels very much like you are walking into a business conference. The food at both is great. A small step down in luxury level is the 4 star Hotel Mielles de Collines, or 'Hotel Rwanda', famed for its depiction in the film of the same name. If you really want to save money here then Flame Tree Village is a clean, comfortable and good value option, but it is far from luxurious. 


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