Kidepo Valley, Uganda

Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the last true wildernesses on the planet. It is probably the most remote National Park in East Africa, nestled in the very North East of Uganda on the boder with what is now South Sudan. It boasts Uganda's best big game viewing... by far.
Reaching Kidepo Valley by vehicle is not for the faint hearted or impatient, it requires hours upon hours on often poor roads covernig fairly monumental distances. For this reason, we recommend flying - but that isn't cheap. Evidently it's not easy to reach, but this is what has preserved it's remote beauty. The plains are teeming with life, comparable to the plains of the Serengeti, but there is a more than distinct lack of other people - one gets a feeling here of sparse, wild Africa which is hard to find these days. 

Kidepo Valley National Park

Game and culture abound in this small corner of Uganda. Here in this open tree savannah you find elephant, lion, hyaena, leopard, wild dog and even cheetah amongst a whole host of other plains game and a wealth of bird species. The park is transected by the Kidepo and Narus Rivers, these abundant water sources are the main reason diverse wildlife has been able to flourish. The landscape is dominated by Morungole, standing at 2,750 metres and providing a beautiful back drop to game drives. 


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  • Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino, Wild Dog and Cheetah. This park has 5 out of our Big 7  icon

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