The Kenya coast is dotted with some really fantastic spots up and down its shores, with the notably brilliant Lamu Island on the doorstep. There are lots of fabulous accommodation options to choose from, and we know the best spots for brilliantly white beaches, vibrant East African culture or activities for the ocean adventurers out there… 

Kenya Coast, Beaches & Islands

1.     Lamu’s culture is a real draw for the island; with the hustle bustle of harbour life, markets for days and friendly welcoming locals, you cannot go wrong here. After being banned by the tourism office, since it’s reopening, the fantastic lodges dotted around the island are really keen to embrace their once thriving tourism industry again… Now is definitely the time to go!
2.     Also in Lamu, because of the ban, the beaches which were always white and glorious are now really very peaceful… A real bonus for those beach purists seeking tranquillity and relaxation.
3.     The Kenyan Coast, as well as Lamu, has utterly beautiful stretches of beaches and is, to put it exactly, cheap as chips. Nowhere else in Africa will you get such value for money on your Indian Ocean getaway.
4.     Kenya coastline is so unbelievably combinable with a safari..! From either Tanzania or Kenya, only a short flight and maybe even less than an hour in the air, and you are sipping Mojitos on white sands soaking in the African sun.
5.     On the subject of sun, the brits out there will be pleased to know that Kenya is also such a fantastic winter sun location! Why not?

The Best Beaches in Kenya

Kenya's best beaches and islands are to be found in the north, around the Lamu Archipelago; a stunning and remote part of the Indian Ocean; where empty pristine beaches stretch for miles, you can really enjoy the laid back bare foot luxury that makes Lamu such an attractive beach destination. Aside with its charming cultural draw, and not to mention fantastic value for money accommodation options, it is the perfect complement to an East African safari.

In between Lamu and Mombasa sits Milindi and Watamu. We wouldn’t really recommend Milindi, as it is basically as big as Mombasa with not much to it apart from big builds, and not great beaches. Watama, just south of Milindi, is a really charming area, but unfortunately the only place to stay is Hemmingways, which since it’s rebuild is really not very indicative of its surrounding area…

Diani Beach, Kenya

South of Mombasa however, it seems as though the grass is much greener, or the sand much whiter! Going down the coast, first you are met my Tiwi, which is a nice starter for the main beach paradise of Diani Beach. This glorious spread of dusty white sand and lapping silky waters is home the fantastic Alfajiri Villas – gorgeous, private accommodation in a fabulous area... What more could you want?

South of here is not as worth a mention, as the beaches are not as sweeping, and it is generally more coral based shores; so less attractive if you are seeking the Indian Ocean beach relaxation experience.  

Is Kenya’s coastline safe?

If you are wondering whether anywhere is safe to travel, please see the foreign office website – it will give you the up to date news on everywhere you may want to go in Africa. In recent years, Lamu has opened up as being once again a safe place to holiday, and the rest of the coastline is entirely safe too. If you are concerned though, please do give us a call for further information.


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