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Pamushana Lodge

A beautiful setting and great attention to detail – one of the most luxurious lodges in Zimbabwe. Despite the country's difficulties, the lodge has done a very good job at maintaining their excellent standards. The Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve provides visitors with a plethora of birdlife and endangered species, including the 'upside down' Baobab Trees and the black rhino.


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Singita Pamushana

Malilangwe Private Wildlife Reserve is set on 130 000 acres of private wilderness in Zimbabwe and is one of the most pristine wildlife areas in southern Africa.

The region is embraced by the Malilangwe Mountain range and is home to a wide variety of game. The private reserve boasts an unusual habitat consisting of rocky outcrops and baobab trees, and as a result attracts vast amounts of unique animals and birdlife. Pamushana means “a place in the sun”, and this world-renowned safari lodge offers every modern comfort in a pristine setting.
The one thing that sets Pamushana apart from other wildlife lodges in Africa is the fact that it offers a pristine wilderness, virtually untouched by mankind. The wildlife at Malilangwe Private Reserve is fantastic.
The region is home to 70 Black Rhino – one of the world’s largest concentrations of this endangered species. In terms of birdlife, Malilangwe is home to over 400 species (representing 4% of all the species of birds in the whole world) including 14 types of eagle. The ‘big five’, a variety of small antelope including klipspringer, oribi, grey duiker, steenbok, grysbok and suni are all found in the region as well as the painted hunting dogs and nyala.

Singita Pamushana Luxury Lodge

Pamushana is an elegant oasis consisting of six stylish suites and one exclusive villa offering the ultimate luxury in a truly African setting. The lodge is located on a promontory overlooking the Malilangwe Lake and offers a diverse habitat that is home to an array of wildlife species.

The lodge itself comprises of six intimate villas that offer panoramic view of the lake below and there is a real sense of community with the local Shangaan community. The activities on offer can cater for everybody's needs. You can choose from game drives, bush walks, rock art site visits, fishing and much more. 


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