Best places to stay on safari in Damaraland

Best Places To Stay On Safari In Damaraland

An hour North from Swakopmund and South of Etosha lays an area of stunning beauty called Damaraland. Although the environment is one of the harshest on Earth, it is home to a vast array of ancient historical sites and is inhabited by an extraordinary amount of wildlife including desert lions, rhinos and elephants. The easy access of Damaraland draws a lot of self-drivers, especially in the South. The subtle differences between the Northern and Southern sectors should come into consideration when choosing your accommodation for your holiday.

The approach to tourism in the North of Damaraland focuses and heavily involves the local communities in the area. This provides a more cultural and far more worthwhile experience. You can undertake guided excursions to visit the numerous rock painting sites which are estimated to date back nearly six thousand years. Another must-do on any itinerary is to visit and engage with local communities where you can learn about the unique heritage of Namibia. Although the majority of tourists tend to be drawn to the South, it is the Northern sectors where the desert rhino and desert elephants are seen more frequently.

The Desert Rhino Camp offers the unique experience of tracking and following the elusive, rare and often aggressive black rhino without the safety of a vehicle. Accompanied by expert guides, you will literally be walking in the footsteps of giants as you follow them through the desert. Other camps, such as Damaraland Camp offer guided nature drives where desert elephants (the biggest elephants in Africa) are among the frequent sights. It is truly fascinating to observe and learn about how such enormous animals have adapted so well in such a harsh environment.

There are loads of safari camps and lodges in Damaraland to choose from, but below we have listed a handful of our favourites:

Desert Rhino Camp

Desert Rhino Camp is located in the private Palmwag Concession in the heart of Damaraland. The reserve is home to the highest concentration of wildlife outside Namibia’s Etosha National Park and  most importantly the largest free roaming black rhino population in Africa. These desert rhino are one of Africa’s most unique species and subsequently one of Namibia’s primary attractions. The camp itself is a great base to explore the area, is well built and utterly charming but the rhino are the attraction here with the camp focussed around education about this endangered species. Tracking rhino on foot is the highlight of a stay here.

Damaraland Camp

Run by the local community, Damaraland Camp is a pioneering eco-tourism camp that has won numerous awards for its approach to sustainable tourism. Located in the heart of Damaraland with some of the areas finest views and easy access to the Huab river where the famous desert elephant are found, Damaraland Camp is owned by Wilderness Safaris. We regard the camp as the best place to see desert elephant, and subsequently one of the regions best properties.

Doro Nawas Camp

Doro Nawas Camp is located in the heart of Damaraland, approximately an hours drive from Damaraland Camp itself. The lodge is much larger than any of the other lodges in the area and subsequently loses that sense of authenticity that we believe this area deserves. Whats more, Doro Nawas is priced at approximately the same rate as nearby Damaraland Camp which is a far superior product. We therefore encourage people to book early and get into Damaraland Camp which we can guarantee gives a far better experience of Damaraland itself.

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