Best places to stay on safari in the Masai Mara

Best Places To Stay On Safari In The Masai Mara

The Masai Mara Reserve is what most people conjure in their minds when they dream of an African safari. It earns its title as Africa's most famous park due to its abundance of wildlife (including an extremely high predator concentration) and endless acacia-dotted plains that stretch far onto the horizon. The sunsets are magnificent almost every day and there is no shortage of luxury in the lodges where your every need will be catered for. The drawback however, is the amount of visitors the park receives. Day trips are allowed and the park is generally busy most of the year due to its infamous reputation.

Between August and October, the Mara receives a good proportion of the wildebeest from the Serengeti as they embark on the Great Migration. This is the only time of the year that a large number of wildebeest are in the Mara which also signals the high season for visitor numbers. In contrast, the wildebeest are in the Serengeti, Tanzania all year round which can still be busy, but is far quieter. It is during these months when documentary-worthy events occur. The famous river crossings happen at this time which of course attracts a large number of visitors, however if you are prepared to look past this, then to catch a glimpse of the Great Migration is not to be missed.

The camps in the Mara are generally tented, yet this does not take anything away from their luxurious qualities. Some camps even have tents equipped with their own private plunge pool! The locations of the camps are all tactically placed so they have great game-viewing opportunities all year round and their relatively small size means you will receive a personal and intimate experience.

There are loads of camps to choose from in the Mara, but below we have hand-picked our favourites for you to consider:

Serian Nkorombo

Once an ever moving mobile camp, Nkorombo found such an amazing spot on the Mara River in the Masai Mara reserve that it has taken up permanent residence. It has maintained the intimate and luxurious feel of a mobile camp but boasts year round amazing numbers of black rhino, leopard and lion as well as being perfectly placed for the river crossings of the great migration. 

Governors Camp

Governors’ has become synonymous with the Masai Mara.  The camps, of which there are 4, are all superbly located to benefit from the annual migration herd of wildebeest that come up from Tanzania around the end of July and depart towards the end of October.  The camps have also, for the last 10 years or so, been the base for the famous BBC Big Cat diaries which have made the plains of East Africa so famous. The greatest point about Governors’ is that there's a regular a crossing point in view of the bar, so it is possible to sit and have a G&T while seeing probably the greatest spectacle offered in safari!  The camp is comfortable and continues to offer very good value for money.

Little Governors

Like its bigger brother, Little Governors’ was one of the original tented camps that the company offered and has long been a favourite. Using the same template as its brother, due to its being 20 rooms less, the camp has a much smaller and quiet feel to it. The location, on one of the west facing bends of the Mara River, gives the views from rooms an aspect over the river and nearby watering hole. With the Paradise plains nearby supplying the area with outstanding game viewing, this is definitely one of the top lodges in the Mara….suffers only due to the close proximity to all of the other Governors’ properties.


Naibor is a beautiful tented camp set in a stunning area in the centre of the Mara.  Each of the 9 tents has been well thought out and use a side-opening construction that allows you to feel even more a part of the forest around you. While the lodge may not have the views of its neighbour, Rekero, it is in one of the best areas of the Mara.  With very good guiding and a spacious, relaxed atmosphere, this is a great little camp that makes you feel very much a part of the environment.  One of the top camps in the Mara.


Rekero has long been held as the camp to try and emulate in the Mara as it has everything you would look for from a camp. Owner run and managed, the level of standards are comparable with those of camps in Botswana and, due to the depth and knowledge that is learnt through experience of an area over a long period, the guiding can certainly be compared as well. The tents themselves may lack the glass fronts and air conditioning that can be offered these days but if it is a great, small and well located camp with awesome game year round that you are looking for then this is it….there is a reason the camp can be very hard to get space in!!

Sala's Camp

Overlooking the confluence of the Sand and Keekorok rivers, Sala’s Camp is situated right in the heart of the game rich Masai Mara. Not only is the camp brilliantly located but each of the pristine tents has its own private plunge pool, a real luxury that sets this camp apart from the rest. 

Il Moran Camp

Il Moran is the smartest of the Governors’ Collection and, for the money, offers a superb safari experience for very good value. The rooms themselves are vast and all feature views onto the Mara River. Stunning wooden beds and bronze baths typify the feel of the camp in general. Again, set in a superb location, the camp is very real, and much cheaper, alternative to the nearby Bateleur Camp. If you want to safari in style then this is a great choice.

Governors Private Camp

Governors Private Camp is a very niche product and so one that we occasionally recommend for clients. The main feature of the camp is that, for a group of 4 or more who are looking for a smaller camp in the Mara, it suits perfectly. Consisting of 6 or more tents, the camp offers a private experience throughout with views out onto the lovely Mara River, exclusive use of the vehicles and guides in camp and access to what must be one of the best areas for game in the whole of Africa….what more can you ask for!

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