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When you are looking to travel to such a place as Sub-Saharan Africa, the chances are you are not hoping to be rained on, especially when travelling to somewhere like Namibia. African holidays are made up mostly by time in the wilderness on safari and on the beach in a little slice of Indian Ocean paradise. For a safari, it is generally better to travel in the drier months which are, as a rule of thumb, usually in the British Summer Time of end of June – October. Very sweepingly, this is when most of the parks in both east and southern Africa are drier, making the animals forced to congregate around waterholes and easier to spot generally. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule…

Sossusvlei, although desert, is quite a bit further south than Etosha so doesn’t get quite so unbearably hot. However, you still will feel the heat outside the winter months of June – September, so we would suggest to stick within this period for the most comfortable holiday. There is very, very little rain here so this doesn’t really come into the equation when choosing a time to go. It is more about comfort! It can get cold at night in the months from June to September, which can actually be a welcome thought after a dusty day of activities, so really in short we would say this is definitely the time to go. Within this period, when to go is neither here nor there – availability can always be an issue with Namibia so flexibility within this period is an advantage if you are looking at staying in the best lodges.
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