Best places to stay on the Skeleton Coast

Best Places To Stay On The Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast is like nowhere else on Earth. It is a hugely diverse eco-system that encompasses a plethora of flora and fauna that is hard to believe if you haven't seen it for yourself. At a glance, the unique coastline may appear like a desolate landscape made up of sand and skeletons, with some even referring it to what the 'end of the Earth' may look like. But as always, the closer you look, the more you see. The seal population thrives with up to 250,000 gathering at any given time. Brightly coloured flamingos also dot the beaches and further in and, gemsbok and giraffe are also apparent. The area can provide enough prey and carrion to support predators such as the notorious seal-hunting lions and the very shy and elusive brown hyena. As you do travel inland, the habitat also boasts a good number of black rhino. The coast stretches for five-hundred kilometres between the Angolan border and the old German colonial town, Swakopmund. It is littered with the skeletons of animals and ships that have been wrecked over the centuries.

It is not just the wildlife that makes the Skeleton Coast a must-see destination in any trip to Namibia. The history, atmosphere and scenery are mesmerising for anyone who decides to visit and we certainly recommend taking the time (and a camera!) to do so.

Lodges aren't in abundance in this area of Namibia, yet neither are people. The likelihood of encountering others whilst out in this wilderness is a rarity, making it a perfect place for a private and secluded trip. Your accommodation is guaranteed to be luxurious and have spectacular views. All lodges are placed in the most surreal destinations which will leave you astounded. Some are only reachable by a light aircraft due to the landscape, however most are accessible by 4x4. We have decided that there are a number of lodges that are certainly worth staying in if you visit the Skeleton Coast; we have listed them below:

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Only accessible by light aircraft, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is as remote as is gets, occupying the northern-most corner of the private Palmwag concession. Many Namibian camps make you choose between scenery and game viewing but Hoanib offers the best of both worlds with the incredible Skeleton Coast a short flight away and the famous desert-adapted elephant in abundance around the camp. A beautiful camp in a beautiful location.

Serra Cafema

Located on the Magical Kunene River in the far North of the country Serra Cafema is nestled on the banks of the river itself, the far side being Angola. The area here is outrageously beautiful and the camps location makes best use of the surrounding areas attractions. We would actually go so far as to say that Serra Cafema is not just one of Namibia’s finest camps but is one of the very best camps in the whole of Africa - the scenery here  is absolutely out of this world.

Shipwreck Lodge

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is a place quite like no other in the whole of Africa, and in all honestly, the world. There are not many other better places to base yourself in the eerie isolation of the sandy Namibian Skeleton Coast than in Natural Selection’s quirky and fabulous Shipwreck Lodge.

Skeleton Coast Safaris

The Schoeman’s Skeleton Coast Safaris are quite simply one of the finest experiences available anywhere in Africa. Run by the four sons of the famous Louw Schoeman, the family operate flying safaris up Namibia’s famous Skeleton Coast. Accommodation is in simple small camps set up in breathtaking location. Guests fly between the camps, stopping off in remote areas and exploring the different habitats they travel through. Trips with the Schoeman’s are guaranteed to open up the very best of the country. With each group limited to a maximum of four guests the experience is one of the most exclusive we offer.

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