When to go to Livingstone

When To Go To Livingstone

When to go to Livingstone and Victoria Falls

Located on the border of Zimbabwe and only a few kilometres from the Zambezi River, Livingstone is the hub for visitors of Victoria Falls. The mighty falls can be visited from both Zimbabwe and Zambia and it is possible to cross the border very easily whilst staying in the area. Like the rest of Zambia, Victoria Falls is seasonal. It can be visited all year round, however the main season is between July and October when the water levels are high enough for the falls to be spectacular, but low enough to allow white water rafting and other water-based activities. 

Livingstone and Victoria Falls in December to March

This is the time of year when we would advise not to travel to see the falls. As well as many of the safari operators in Zambia being shut due to heavy rains, the heavy rains result in the falls swelling massively. This means that activities such as white-water rafting and the popular Devil's Pool are shut. The weather is also very hot and humid making it not too pleasant if you did decide to travel at this time.

Livingstone and Victoria Falls in April to June

The falls are still very full at this time and some of the activities remain shut due to safety reasons. As the water levels recede slightly, these activities do re-open for the season. The high water levels result in huge amounts of spray, creating the world-famous Victoria Falls rainbow which provides excellent photo opportunities. The safari areas at this time of year have reopened and provide some great low season rates in the 'emerald season'.

Livingstone and Victoria Falls in July and August

This is the peak season for visitors. With lower water levels and less spray, these months are perfect for viewing the falls and taking part in the adrenaline fuelled activities that are famous in the area. Game viewing in Chobe and the Delta are also at its peak so a trip to either of these safari destinations is a must when travelling to the area.

Livingstone and Victoria Falls in September to November

As the dry season continues, the water levels get lower as the months pass. The hot and humid weather returns and isn't too pleasant for visitors. The low water levels consequently mean not much 'spray' so photos aren't as 'Instagram-worthy'. Later in the months, the falls may be completely dry ion the Zambian side so visitors don't get a true sense of how magnificent and spectacular the falls are, instead a bare rock face is all that can be seen. 
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