When to go to The Lower Zambezi

When To Go To The Lower Zambezi

When to go to The Lower Zambezi 

The Lower Zambezi is one of Zambia's best known wildlife havens. With huge congregations of big game like elephant, buffalo and lion, it is characterised by the meandering Zambezi River which is the region's main water source. As the dry season takes its hold on the land, animals flock to the area, as do guests. The river is famous for its canoe and boat excursions where encounters with hippos and crocodiles are a daily occurrence. Some people are drawn to the Lower Zambezi for its fishing opportunities as the area can offer some monster sized tiger fish.

November to April in the Lower Zambezi

Zambia as a whole is a very seasonal safari destination with extreme wet and dry seasons. As the dry season ends and November receives the first rains, many of the camps start to close. The rain that proceeds to fall as the New Year passes causes roads to become impassable. Whilst there are no camps open at this time, the vegetation becomes thick, lush and green whilst natural pockets of water spring up deep into the bush. 

April to June in the Lower Zambezi

As April progresses, the rains recede and reveal a lush emerald world. Many of the animals have given birth so there are many young frolicking babies at this time of abundance. Vegetation is thick, making it harder to spot the game, however this also provides contrasting and vibrant colours which are a photographers dream. The migratory birds like the carmine bee-eaters are still here in the earlier part of the season before departing for warmer climes. It isn't a popular time of year to visit, but if you do then low season prices make it an unbeatable safari destination

July to October in the Lower Zambezi

These are the best months for game viewing. As the pockets of water dry up, the Zambezi River becomes the focal point for much of the wildlife in the area. With animals gathering in huge congregations, action is never too far away. This area does become busier with guests, as do most safari destinations at this time of year, so it is imperative to find the best camp to suit you/ To begin with, the mornings and evenings are chilly (so do not forget some warm layers), but as the season progresses the temperature starts to rise. October can be extremely hot, yet the heat is worth putting up with for the exceptional game viewing!
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