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Namibia is a stunning country quite unlike any other destination. With the oldest desert on earth and the largest sand dunes in the world, Namibia's scenery is absolutely mindblowing. The Skeleton Coast and Kunene River Valley in the far north of the country are exceptional, unparalleled destinations. Further inland, populations of the world's only desert elephant and desert rhino offer a unique game viewing experience; one of Namibia's prime attractions. Etosha's mind boggling wildlife concentrations only add to the safari experience; but in our view, Namibia is all about its scenery.

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Namibia Safaris?
There is no denying that Namibia, especially Etosha, has stacks of game and that wildlife is very easy to view there. If you are after a quick game viewing fix then Etosha will not let you down. But in comparison to our experience of safaris in other countries, Namibia does not come close to alternative wildlife experiences.  In Botswana and Zambia for example, days can be spent without seeing another vehicle, with no tarmac roads in the parks and with animals free to roam  -  call it a purists opinion, but Etosha fails on these three fronts.

The reality of Namibia, and especially Etosha, is that its impressive infrastructure has resulted in a high number of self drive tourists who can drive their VW Golfs through its prime game viewing areas, ruining that sense of wild exploration that we feel safaris are all about.  We believe that a safari should be about viewing wildlife from 4 x 4 vehicles, in regions in which VW Golf's cannot go! 

With all that said, the superb infrastructure does mean that the country is open to low cost self drive trips, and for that sole reason alone, Namibia fits a specific market that we have to respect; safari's here can be very affordable.

Links and overviews to Namibia's main parks:
The Skeleton Coast is quite simply one of the most breathtaking and unique places on earth. The Atlantic Ocean crashes onto a shoreline where seals congregate in colonies of thousands, against a backdrop of sand dunes taller than skyscrapers.
The Sossusvlei dunes are one of Africa's most iconic sites. Standing over 1000 feet tall the area is one of Africa's most well know destinations and a must for any Namibia itinerary.
Damaraland is an absolutely stunning area an hours flight North of Swakopmund. The scenery is mindblowing, but it is still the spectacular game that many people regard as the real prize - Damaraland is home to desert elephant and desert rhino.
Etosha is one of Africa's most famous parks and remains Namibia's most popular wildlife destination. The concentration of animals here is some of the highest anywhere.

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