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Weve Won !!! Weve Won !!!

Tanzania voted best safari country in Africa

Tanzania voted best safari country in Africa
A new poll crowns the East African country the king of safaris

Tanzania is the best place for a safari, according to a new poll.
First problem when considering a safari — where to go.

Zimbabwe has the majestic Victoria Falls, South Africa great boutique reserves.

Kenya offers chances to see big cats and Botswana is a leader in eco-friendly tours.

But you’d be best off selecting Tanzania, according to a recent poll on safaribookings.com.

The Netherlands-based website polled 1,000 safari tourists and 756 experts, including guidebook authors from Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Frommer’s, Bradt and Footprint, over two years.

The result: Tanzania is a clear favorite for novice and veteran safari-goers alike.

“Tanzania is home to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater,” wrote Tim Bewer, a Lonely Planet guides author and one of the experts polled. “This alone makes a solid case for declaring it Africa’s best safari country.”

Adventure calls

Tanzania has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including safari favorites the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park, home to millions of wildebeest that form one of the world’s most spectacular sights as they migrate the area year-round.

The country is also home to Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Tanzania’s only drawback, according to Safari Bookings, is that there are “too many highlights to fit in one safari.”

The news comes as welcome affirmation of the country as a tourist destination, after a recent bombing at a rally that killed two in Arusha. That event sparked anxiety among visitors.

Ratings out of 5 of Africa’s top safari countries

As voted by tourists and safari experts

Tanzania – 4.84
Botswana – 4.75
Kenya – 4.66
Zambia – 4.58
South Africa – 4.55
Namibia – 4.54
Uganda – 4.16
Zimbabwe – 4.14

Mobile apps – helping save lives in Africa

Many companies in the mobile space are rising up to the challenge of improving health not just in the tech hubs of the West but all over the world, including Africa – a place where in many instances healthcare standards don’t match those of neighbouring continents.  Over the last decade Africa’s healthcare has improved, in part due to mobile technology.

Mobile apps   helping save lives in Africa







It could even be argued that mobile is now revolutionising Africa, as it allows people who live in rural villages to connect with doctors and other healthcare workers in major cities or across the world. And with is a growing number of middle class people willing to pay for better treatment, private companies now play a growing new role and work with the government and donors to provide better healthcare facilities.  Unfortunately, the majority of Africans are still unable to pay for healthcare and most don’t have healthcare cover either.

Mobile apps   helping save lives in Africa







Healthcare is of course a top priority for all of us, but there are added concerns for populations who live in isolated areas.  However, there is a rise in small private clinics, which is becoming a significant healthcare provider type for many Africans. With technology always constantly evolving, people now have access to good general information on health, and these five apps have been helping people across Africa.


This app diagnoses malaria without the need to take a blood sample. It is simply done by the patient inserting their finger into a small device which is connected to a smartphone. Within this device a red light is triggered into the skin to reach the red blood cells. This light will determine if the patient has malaria or not. Typically it can take days to find out if you have malaria, however this app can tell you the results in minutes.


This app allows pharmaceutical retailers and users to verify the validity of a certain drug. It is done by texting a unique code to a universal number which is found on the product. This helps to protect people from unknowingly purchasing fake black market medicines.

Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor provides fr ee healthcare information and advice which is updated daily. It also offers answers to health care questions in group forums or one-on-one conversations.  This app is currently available in 10 African countries.


MomConnect provides information and advice for pregnant women in South Africa. It discusses different stages of pregnancy and also provides information and advice after pregnancy.


This app app helps people who live in rural areas by providing conditions information as well as  general advice on treatments. It also contains a directory of hospitals.


This app was launched during Ramadan in Senegal. It allows diabetic patients to manage their health whilst they fast for Ramadan. Users will receive free text messages providing free hints and tips to stay healthy whilst fasting.

The rapid expansion of mobile technology is definitely facilitating an improvement in many areas of health and wellbeing awareness. Many news and established  apps have the potential to offer good advice that could even help save lives all over Africa. In terms of preventative advice, apps could also help people and economies to save money compared to other countries – a look at the cost of medical treatment globally shows just how varied this type of expenses can be from place to place.  With the digital revolution which is currently taking place, many Africans are now living longer and healthier due to these apps.

Tanzania Safari – the Perfect Family Holiday

Planning to venture out on a holiday with your family members is always enthralling. You’ll get to experience a whole new world, and you’ll have plenty of time with your family memberstime with your family members. Pamoja Tanzania safaris are a terrific way to bond, and chances are you won’t regret that you decided to embark upon this journey.

Tanzania Safari   the Perfect Family Holiday

Plenty of Fun
When you are picking a place to go on holiday, you want to ensure that all of your family members have fun. With people of all different ages, and interests, selecting a spot, and appropriate activities, can be more than challenging. Fortunately, a Tanzania safari has plenty to offer to most members of your group. Before booking such a trip, you need to see if certain requirements exist in terms of physical condition and age.

Tanzania Safari   the Perfect Family Holiday

Excellent Food and Weather
Going on holiday often means that you want to escape your current cold climate or that you are looking forward to trying out some new restaurants. When people think of a safari, they might not immediately consider the weather and food, but you really should. You’ll get to try delectable cuisine from the area. Also, you can enjoy the warm sun shining down upon you. For those of you are tired of a long winter, going out on a Tanzania safari is just the cure you need.

plenty of fun

Sightseeing and the Animals
As you go on safari, you are going to see all of the beautiful landscapes and scenery in the area, and most of all, you are going to observe animals in their natural habitat. Not too many people get the chance to do that. Seeing animals where they live is a much different experience from going to a zoo or another type of such habitat. You get to see the freedom they experience every day, and you might be motivated to pursue your own goals from this outing.

Sightseeing and the animals

An Educational Experiences
When you book a family holiday, you often hope that some educational experience will emerge. Some like to book activities that are specifically educational while others are interested in a more natural education that organically arises from the activities in which one engages. With a Tanzania safari, you have both of those experiences rolled into one. The safari is going to provide you with fascinating information about the animals that you see, but your family is also able to observe how animals in the wild live when human beings do not interfere. A new hobby, or even a career, might come into fruition because of your journey.

Deciding to go on a safari is an excellent idea because the trip truly offers you something new and exciting. On top of that, your family has the ability to learn together in a way that you likely have never experienced in the past.

Ed Ward

We are so sorry to lose Ed Ward.
Ed started with us 6 years ago and has left to start his own bicycle light manufacturing company; Veglo
Ed won the British Inventors Project award at the Gadget Show Live 2014. Well done Ed!

Ras Kutani wins award

Ras Kutani – one of our favourite hotels in Tanzania is voted Best Hotel for Service & Top Small Hotel in Tanzania 2015! This elite honour is awarded to the top 1% of all hotels on TripAdvisor, based on reviews and opinions from millions of travellers. Third year in a row!