Africa Trips for Couples

2nd April 2019

Five Star Holidays for Couples

Africa has always been the continent of romance. It ignites passion, desire and adoration. You could be watching the sun cast purple and orange hues across the open plains on your honeymoon, you could be listening to the king of the jungle proclaiming his territory or you could be dipping your toes into the crystal blue ocean that surrounds a coastline of gold.  One thing is certain: Africa is the perfect way for you and your partner to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of normality and find a week (or two, or three!) of utopia.

Couples Holidays in Tanzania and Zanzibar

The best way to combine safari and beach is certainly a visit to Tanzania and Zanzibar. With flights from Selous to Zanzibar being short and frequent, you can be sure that there is no easier way for you to combine both the bush and the beach. The Northern part of Tanzania including the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and The Serengeti include fantastic game viewing opportunities, for those wishing to tick off the Big 5. Crowds are generally apparent in these areas, however we know of camps in the Western corner of The Serengeti which can provide a more intimate and personal experience, although the prices certainly reflect this.

If you are seeking to escape the crowds then the Southern part of Tanzania would suit you and your partner better. Game viewing is still great in the lesser visited Ruaha and Selous and the extra activities on offer, such as walking and boat safaris are great alternatives than simply game driving.  Fly camping is an extremely romantic possibility and can be undertaken as well. Lying under the African stars and being enveloped by nature is definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

Africa Trips for Couples

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After a short flight, you can be transported from the middle of the African bushveld to the glistening coast line of Tanzania. Ras Kutani is our favourite coastal destination because it is secluded, private and escapes the crowds of Zanzibar. It also offers a fantastic 4for3 night deal all year round and we claim that it’s our little secret.  Zanzibar is also a great addition for couples after a safari in Tanzania. Its variety of hotels can offer differing levels of intimacy which allow all budgets to be catered for. If you’re an adventurous couple, scuba diving is fantastic in certain parts of the island and especially on the private islands of Pemba and Mafia.

Couples Holidays in Kruger and Cape Town

If relaxing on a beach after a safari isn’t really your thing then South Africa could be the destination for you. Fantastic game viewing opportunities including the Big 5 are available within The Greater Kruger area (Sabi Sands Game Reserve) and after a short internal flight; the city of Cape Town would be at your disposal. There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Cape Town, all with a beautiful backdrop of the coast. There are many activities to cater for anyone’s needs including whale watching, skydiving and gin tasting experiences. If you’re a couple who enjoy road tripping together, The Garden Route is a scenic and popular option that takes the two of you from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

Africa Trips for Couples

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Couples Holidays in Rwanda/Uganda

If you fancy yourselves as intrepid travellers who enjoy thick jungles and unforgettable close encounters, then gorilla and chimpanzee trekking is an ideal way for you to release your inner explorer. Rwanda and Uganda both offer gorilla and chimpanzee trekking all year round making it an ideal destination. Both dry and rainy seasons have their pros and cons that need to be considered for viewing these animals, but if you are both after an adventurous, once in a lifetime experience, then look no further.

Couples Holidays in Botswana

If you are after an extremely luxurious, secluded and private safari that offers animal sightings that cannot be beaten, then Botswana should be at the top of your bucket list. Although it is generally priced higher than other safari destinations, Botswana is a perfect destination for a wild honeymoon. The Okavango Delta, between May to October offers spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities due to the floods. All camps are fly-in, fly-out throughout the year and during the flood season, boats are the best way (and sometimes only way!) to get around. With your experienced guide you can choose vehicle, walking or boat safaris but whatever you decide on, your game viewing experience will be second-to-none. The Botswana motto of high value, low volume means your holiday will be private and secluded, a must for any couple with deep pockets!

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