Selous Impala Camp

29th July 2011

We arrived at Impala camp just before lunch, Barbara Ripamonti (she was manager last year), Andreas  Gugliotta (he was there last year, Italian, very good with guests) and Lorenzo Rossi (nephew of Carlo, owner of Kwihala, Italian) were there to greet us and there was fresh juice as usual.

Guests feel very welcomed here, as at all 4 camps.

Barbara did a little introduction and we were shown to the tents, to unpack and refresh before lunch.

All three managers have excellent English and show great attention to detail and to spending time making sure the guests are happy and have what they need.

The tents are very attractive, shady and cool, with floor fans and el lights and sockets. There is boiled and filtered water in a flask, and fly spray is provided. Candles were provided.

As at Kwihala, the bathroom area is separated only by a curtain from the main bedroom, which is very comfortable.
There is a good push button safe for valuables.

Lunch was pleasant in the shady lodge, which is really superb, much better than the old one, being high and cool. The view is good because of the height, and you get a feeling of Adventure, as the staff constantly make plans to do surprises – different dining venues for small groups, sundowners on the river bank with sparkling wine etc etc.

The guiding is very good, also the boat safaris and the big river is of course a great alternative to Lake Manze, and makes two focus safaris in Selous – at both Impala and Manze combined – a good idea.

At Impala there is probably more flexibility in the activities than at any of the other camps, as they have 8 tents, 6 cars and 4 boats.

Usually guests are given their own car per tent, though as with all the camps, we cannot promise this.
Early morning tea/coffee is available.

Having three managers and only 8 tents, it was easier to spread the communication with the guests, so they always felt included and looked after.

The Bar and sundowner campfire are in excellent locations, and very much used – so the guests have a chance to mix and make friends before dinner.

The swimming pool looks great, and is well looked after and a big asset.

The Masaai askaris were good, always there when needed. Instead of having to wait to be guided at a specific time in the evenings, guests are free to call for the Masaai to come when they need them.

When we left for the airstrip to go to Ruaha, the managers were there to say goodbye, the whole feeling is very friendly.

Most agents remark that this camp is very good value for the level and standard.