Africa Odyssey Reviews – 2022

26th January 2022

R.Karakachian 29th July-12th August

Hi Sam,

All went very well and we had a fabulous time. One of the best family vacations ever!


C.Rishworth 18th-20th July

Hi Dave,

We had an amazing time. All arrangements went smoothly. The guides, Chombo and Abu were wonderful!! The managers of the camp were wonderful as well, very welcoming and helpful and kind. We saw a ton of animal including a leopard which is a rare site. We also had monkeys and elephants hanging around our camp. It is a wonderful place. Great food and the family style dinners under the stars were amazing. Loved it!!

Thank you for all of your help!

B.Saalwaechter 7th-11th July

Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out – I really appreciate all of your help getting me out on two amazing trips. Both the Serengeti and Selous were unsurprisingly awesome and I loved getting to explore two very different landscapes and am already thinking about when we might be able to get back out there. I did get some awesome photos, which I can tag on IG for folks. Everything went perfectly smoothly on both trips and I enjoyed both camps that I stayed at. […] Overall though, I loved the trips and am looking forward to planning my next one sometime. Thanks again for everything.

K.Ghazi 28th June-9th July

Hi Dave,

The trip was amazing. We loved Denis. It’s super special and unique. It is Mnemba-esque (but different). I’d recommend that to all your clients interested in the Seychelles. Madikwe Hills was great too. The accommodations were lovely and we loved our driver.

Denis Island was magical. We are so glad we went.

Thanks so much for answering my bazillion questions. I know it’s not easy!

Y.Vandenberg 27th June-13th July

nature delivered in every way!!!! Was magic. We heard other chatting about their sighting etc and we saw a whole lot more. Every drive gave us a few very memorable moments. The joke became the only thing missing was actually seeing a lion being born. We saw the big 5, some rare species that even the guides were excited by snapping photos like crazy, and so close up. […] Sounded like we were the luckiest people.

It was a spectacular trip and I have already recommended you and Asilia to a few people that asked.

B.Pearson 21st June-6th July


Thank you for your message! We had an incredible trip – thank you for all your help in organising. We were particularly impressed with Hoppoe as our guide was fantastic.

We will definitely bear you in mind if we plan a trip to Asia / South America as it was really helpful having experts that know the area who can find the best places for us to stay.

Many thanks,

A.Stratton 18th-26th June

Hi Dave,

We had an excellent trip thanks! For both stays we give 5 stars. Puku Ridge especially was excellent – lots of good animals and the room was fabulous. We loved the star bed! Kaya Mawa was also great. Great food at both locations as well 🙂


J.Withoff 20th-30th May

Hi Dave,

Yes, just got back yesterday. Everything went well as planned, and we had a great time as expected. Regarding the camps, I’m not sure if you are already aware that we had stayed in both Qorokwe and Chitabe/Lediba before and they are our favorite camps already, in terms of game viewing, style of the camps, location, value, etc. Both are good, 5/5 in our opinion.

Regarding style, we much prefer the traditional classic camps that provide practical comfort and quality, without trying to be trendy. Both camps are examples of this style. Both have very good camp management, friendly and efficient staff. With the exception of Covid, both offer communal dining, that provides a platform for guest (especially guests not traveling in a group) interaction, which is part of the basic safari experience. Something special at Chitabe/Lediba (and also Qorokwe this time) is the stability of management and staff. You see familiar faces when you return year after year, and they remember you as well. You feel at home.

As expected we had good game viewing. Saw lots of lions (with cubs) several cheetahs (with cubs), multiple leopards, dogs, buffalos, elephants, and all the general games. Also saw a few chases and kills, interactions etc. Saw really good interactions between lions and honey badger, which is rare.

All in all had another fantastic trip. Thanks for making the arrangements, and will contact you again should we decide to return.

D.Howell 19th-30th May

Hi Sam,

It is so nice to talk about with someone who understands. There is little that is more exciting that departing for an African country. I don’t think I will ever get enough, and my new approach to ward off the post-holiday blues is to say “see you next time” when I leave, instead of goodbye, and begin planning the next visit as soon as possible. They spoil me so thoroughly that I hardly know what to do with myself when I leave.

It was glorious to be back. My heart was pounding as we approached the Chyulu Hills airstrip and the site of those rolling hills. I told James that next time I’d like to hike those hills with him. The area has not had the expected rain in spring, so the drought is severe and, I read, even worse in the north. It is painful to witness and a helpless feeling. I’m so hoping they will receive some unseasonal rain. It was cruel irony, then, to arrive in the Mara to so much rain. The thunder and lightening storms were exciting. And even with rain, we had periods of sun, particularly in the morning. The conservancy was really beautiful, and combined with being off season, was mostly quiet and really lovely.

I had some special sitings – I haven’t yet gone through the photos. I’ll do that soon! I tried to limit my photos and just take in the experiences this time. I’ve told James that the landscapes and the antelope would be enough for me and everything else is just extra special. One of the more special sitings was a herd of 24 elephants that my guide and I had to ourselves. There were 5 tiny babies.

The only mishap was at Wilson between Chyulu Hills and the Mara. But the staff at Air Kenya and SafariLink were thoroughly professional and kind – as were all of you! The kind gesture at Mara Plains was unexpected and thoughtful. Thank you! I was at a surprise breakfast on my last day and they brought over a card from you, Ted and George.

On my last day in Nairobi, I visited the Nairobi National Museum and the snake garden and went to Kazuri Beads and Utamaduni for gifts. Sheldrick was wonderful. They do such a great job educating the public as well.

Next time, I would like to add North Kenya to my itinerary. Lewa, perhaps? I was on your website earlier checking out options. I know it sounds strange, but I do want to return to Chyulu Hills perhaps one more time. Then I can be prepared to leave Kenya for a time and go to Botwana or somewhere else.

I hope you have a wonderful week,

Very best,


M.Peterson 5th-11th May

Just got back from an amazing South African safari booked with Sam at Africa Odyssey. This was originally booked for April of 2020 (and we all know what happened next) and was rescheduled 3 times. Sam was able to get my trip rebooked without penalty (since my travel insurance -like most- excluded pandemics). As a former safari guide himself, he offered great advice and knowledge of the individual lodges. This wasn’t my first trip with Africa Odyssey and it won’t be my last!

R.Garg 5th-15th May

Hi Ted, Dave:

Thanks for all your help in putting together our Africa trip. Every aspect of the trip went as planned. The two camps that you recommended, Londolozi and Vumbura Plains were truly outstanding. Mombo was great as expected – it was on our bucket list. The game viewing and hospitality were superb. My wife wanted to see a leopard in the wild since we had not seen this cat in our previous Africa trip – well we saw leopards in all three camps, five in total including a cub!

We are already thinking of our next safari, this time with our adult sons and their ladies. Will be in touch!

Thanks again,

P.Lopez 14th April- 24th April

Hi Sam,

We had an absolutely exceptional trip. Everything worked super smoothly and we enjoyed every minute of it. The accommodations, the staff, the experiences were top notch and have created memories for a life time. So thank you very very much for your great suggestions and wonderful organization. I would be delighted to entrust you with future endeavors.


All my best and thank you again.

P.Scobie 12th April – 23rd April

Dear Marc & Ted,

Thanks so much for organising our wonderful trip to Egypt. I still find it amazing that such a narrow strip of land has produced so many monuments over so many centuries and we will certainly encourage friends and family to go there.

We are now being asked “where is your next trip going to be”. Any Ideas?

Best wishes,

A.Nieuwoudt 26th March – 5th April

Hi both

Wanted to say thank you for helping us organise such an amazing trip. I’m writing this from Rivertrees in the last hour before we leave for the airport and I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience.

We had fantastic weather, about 3 drops of rain the whole time but the low season meant we were often the only people where we stayed so very personal service and on our own for most major game sightings.

Everywhere we stayed was brilliant and of course especially loved the serengeti bush camps. Both had their own personalities (no big corporate sameness) and both were fantastic with really lovely personal surprises celebrating our anniversary and sundowners and Bush breakfasts. We also saw the most incredible game sightings including the start of the migration with a river crossing at Ndutu!!!


We are already researching a potential future trip to Selous, Ruaha and then Zanzibar […]

All in all these was a trip of a lifetime, worth waiting 2 years for!

Thank you

N.Mattos 2nd – 4th March

Hi Sam,

Thanks for touching base with me. The trip was wonderful. I have been to Ngorongoro between 6 and 8 times and this was by far the best experience I have ever had. Our two guides were excellent and took us to the more remote areas of the park so we had a much better experience, i.e., not the crowded experience with more cars than animals. Also we were quite lucky and saw a lot. We saw 5 rhinos in one day. That in itself was incredible. There is nothing I can complain about. They were on time, excellent food, nice facilities, good car, etc.

Thank you very much,

E. Thompson 28th February – 15th March

Hi Ted,

This has been the BEST HOLIDAY EVER

Thank you for everything and we will certainly be returning!

all the very best

S.Legge 24th January – 3rd February

Hi Marc,

I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Life has been a bit manic since we got back.
Coco island was just perfect and just what we needed. Our room was lovely and had everything we needed and was kept spotlessly clean. We loved the fact that you could walk down a few steps from our balcony at any time of the day and snorkel and the reef was just a short distance away. We swam with turtles and sharks and hundreds of different fish.
The food was so delicious with masses of choice, I loved all the local dishes.
We enjoyed having our gin and tonics on our balcony every evening watching the sun go down.
All the staff were charming and helpful.
We felt that 9 days was a perfect length of time.
A great recommendation, thank you so much.
Thank you for managing to book our holiday at such short notice, that was brilliant.
Hope we will be in touch soon, Africa beckons!

N.He, 14th-24th January 2022

Hi Sam.

Thanks for following up! We miss Tanzania so much! Enjoyed everything in the bush (even the rain), Thank you very much for the arrangement, it went smoothly. Being able to experience different camps throughout the park is definitely a huge plus, we were able to see almost everything on our list; staying with the same hotel group was also a great suggestion, we enjoyed interacting with all of the Asilia people. It was truly an amazing trip.

On the last day of our game drive, we asked our guide to help find a pregnant wildebeest so we could capture the moment of her giving birth to the baby. It was an honor to witness the baby coming to the world, he was so strong he only struggled couple minutes before mastering running. We were so excited for the baby we didn’t realize a hyena was near by, it came from behind and hunted/ate the baby right away. That was a shocking moment I think I will never forget.

I think I saw Odyssey’s instagram account mentioned you’re traveling, hope you have a great time for your trip!
We might want to go back to check out the river cross some time in the future, will definitely reach out to you when the time comes.

Thank you!

B.Chequer, 15th-20th January 2022

Hi Sam.

Thanks, we had a brilliant time at Leopard Hills. Everything went smoothly and the staff were amazing. Cal was superb along with Mo his Tracker. Cal made several fun references to you and your time training together.

We have used this amazing team of expert and knowledgeable reps a few times. We’ve always had the best experience. They have first hand experience of and relationships with many of the locations. Helpful in finding and building the most appropriate itinerary for us. Great at finding the best deals. They are patient and very non-pushy.

J&M.Greenaway, 28th December 2021 – 07th January 2022

Hi Sam

Thanks for your message and happy new year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas.

You’ve beat us to it! We were going to message you on our return to say not only thank you very much for the very kind gesture and gift of the bush walk, we loved it. Also, thank you so much for organising such a fantastic trip for us, we absolutely loved every part of it!

We didn’t think it got much better for luxury safari than Siwandu, the service could not be faulted there, and then we went to ikuka which was also brilliant, but in a very different way. We literally loved every minute and can’t wait to go back. We were learning all about the chimpanzee national park too from one of the guides and now we’re already thinking about planning a trip there…

Thanks again.

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